The Value of Content Marketing

With the advent of social media platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, content marketing has become quite competitive. Marketers are constantly looking for new campaign ideas. With over 27 million pieces of content being shared each day, it’s clear that the possibilities are ever-increasing as new technology emerges.

Content marketing shapes the way consumers make decisions, influencing the way products and services are discovered, evaluated, and selected.

Blogs attract attention, and when consumers find them on business websites, they enjoy them because of the conversational feel and insight into the business world. Active business blogs account for 67% more leads on a monthly basis. They, along with social media, reach 80% of Internet users in the USA. Companies that blog with fresh content reap the benefits in web traffic. Those blogging 15 times per month see five times as many visits. Fresh content and helpful information keeps the visitors coming back for more.

Content marketing takes many different forms, and the range of available media grows daily as technology evolves. On average, according to Content Marketing Institute, content marketers each use a dozen different tactics.

B2B companies spend 33% of the marketing budgets on content marketing. All 9 in 10 of them use social media to disseminate information. Reaching people through this medium requires building a following, and that can only be done by consistently providing content of value. 47% of B2B companies have recognized the power of LinkedIn to connect them to business professionals. With sales professionals spending six hours on LinkedIn weekly, it’s clear that it’s an effective sales and networking channel.

Most business prefer to keep content marketing in-house. Only 44% of businesses outsource it, namely because it limits their access to primary data and control of the company voice.

We can clearly see that content marketing is powerful and has positive results if used properly. Its value has been proven, and with accessibility to various platforms such as blogging and social media, any business serious about marketing should embrace it.