Geo-Targeting To Neighborhoods: A Great Way To Win Customers

A lot has been said about Local SEO recently, especially in the form of targeting your keywords to customers searching for florists in local neighborhoods. To make the most of geo-targeting, you need to find that healthy balance between precision and making sure that visitors searching for you aren’t too limited.NeighbourhoodMany people already search for businesses by neighborhood. This is a popular way to search for stores and restaurants, as well as apartment communities and real estate. Your site will have the advantage by grabbing on to this search opportunity.

Depending on where your floral business is located, you might want to target to your specific neighborhood, zip or postal code, or the closest streets to your business. Searches by neighborhood are the most commonly used type of geo-targeted searches. Keep this in mind- many people who do neighborhood searches might come across your florist’s shop when they’re looking for something else.

A zip or postal code might include one neighborhood or several. Many people searching for a store or other business will include the postal code to get the closest results to the home or workplace. A single zip code could cover a whole small town or a large area of a bigger city.

Searching by street is one of the most accurate ways that people have found to locate the right shop for their needs. Your ideal customer might be looking for a store that they pass on the way to work. In bigger cities where people rely on public transportation, a shop close to a bus or subway stop might be just what customers need.

Don’t overlook the growing importance of customers using mobile apps for searches. With many of these apps relying on Google’s location services, it’s easier than ever to draw your potential customers to your site. As mobile technology improves, you will find that it’s easier to reach out to your customers with mobile devices.