Content Planning For Small Biz SEO

Drumming up business through SEO, or search engine optimization, is still relevant among small businesses, even though most tactical SEO strategies aren’t being used as much any more. What that means is that websites used to load keywords onto a page with hopes of tricking a search engine into driving people searching for that keyword to their page, even though it wasn’t necessarily the place they wanted to end up. Now, the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing have become more adept at filtering out these web pages that are tactically created to trick the search engines, and only produce results that are natural or organic in the keyword search. Which, like the beautiful flowers you sell, is how you want to tailor your company’s website, so that it will appear as natural and organic SEO.

What does this mean? It means creating a lot more content naturally on your company blogs about everything your company does—from selling flowers, to events you worked on, to the minutia of the floral business, to even vacations you and your employees have taken. The more content that is centered around particular local SEO keywords, the better chance you have at driving more visitors to your site who organically want to be there. If you still feel your website is not able to generate enough traffic with the help of your traditional marketing techniques, I would recommend you visit and buy one of the local SEO packages immediately if you want to see a growth in your website and your business.

So every week of the year should theoretically have at least one or two articles that should be written about your company and posted online. Mapping out a schedule will help tremendously. For example, in the month of March, there should be a piece on the flowers and colors that will probably be popular that spring, based on trends and weather patterns. The next should be suggestions for flowers and floral designs for an upcoming Spring wedding. Another can be a story about a date someone went on that month and the type flowers they were given.

While these stories may not draw much attention at first, consistently creating them and sending them out to those customers and friends who are connected to your store, as a sort of social form of email marketing, will ultimately draw results. The hardest part will just be creating enjoyable content around local SEO keywords on a regular basis. The audience and customers will follow.