Facebook Marketing

Facebook can be used for many things, and sometimes the options can be blinding. Mark Wallrapp, Facebook’s Director of Strategic Accounts, suggests focusing on less to accomplish more. He recommends staying true to the voice of the brand and tapping into people’s emotions. He states that companies need to figure out what they are good at, then “go a mile deep” instead of trying to spread a mile wide.

Brands need to not only reach fans and customers, but engage them. Jeff Jenkins, Taco Bell’s Resident Disruptor recognizes that communication between companies and customers goes two ways, so companies must now learn to listen. He noted at Silicon Beach Fest that marketing has changed and requires a new model. “We’re always listening. You should always listen to consumers,” he added.

Wallrapp said marketers are still searching for ways to accurately attribute conversion. Facebook is excellent for building relationships, but the costs of paid and organic reach are increasing. One possible solution is to convert customers to brand advocates, sharing the company’s message. That can increase reach, and it is evident as companies try to find ways to reward customers and fans for sharing posts.