3 Things to Remember about SEO

Businesses are becoming more concerned with SEO strategy. With Google’s algorithms constantly changing, it’s important to have a SEO toolkit. Here are three things to keep in mind when improving your SEO strategy:

  1. People are searching differently now than they were before. Search terms are getting longer, and more specific. You will need to use your content to target the search terms being used by potential customers.
  2. Fresh content helps to increase Google search visibility. You can use your blog to demonstrate industry leadership and expertise, and keep visitors coming back for more information. Popular search terms can inform your blog posts in order to increase traffic.
  3. Social media is a great tool to represent your business. When used properly, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms help businesses to connect with existing customers, attract new customers, and share content.

Search rankings should not be your only focus. Developing strategies to drive traffic to your website and increase conversions is always the primary goal, but also focus on building your brand authority via content marketing. Provide great content, encourage sharing, and pay attention to the search terms customers are using.