Tips for Choosing a Digital Marketing Partner

Choosing the right digital marketing partner can be a difficult task for any small business. There are countless new services launching almost daily and it’s hard to keep up with what really works today for marketing a florist business.

Here are 5 tips to keep in mind when choosing a potential digital marketing firm to work with:

1. Pay attention to what the digital marketing expert says. You don’t want a partner who focuses on keyword optimization, Google algorithm updates, or redesigning your website. While your website needs to be user friendly and aesthetically pleasing, your digital marketing should take a holistic approach. Together, you should be able to develop a plan for clear communication, direct calls to action, and influence your audience.

2. Get a feel for the digital marketing expert’s capabilities. There is more to digital marketing than backlinks. You need to partner with someone who has a wider scope and can think of ways to develop and use apps to reach your goals. For example, a beauty salon may benefit from a booking app that allows customers to quickly and easily make appointments. It makes the process easier for both the business and its customers.

3. Set your own goals. You know your business opportunities, so you are in the best position to set goals. You know who you need to reach, and your digital marketing partner can help you to reach them.

4. Make your expectations clear. Tell your digital marketing partner exactly what you need. Asking for great ideas is vague and lacks meaning while a more focused goal of a booking increase of 10% in Q4 is simple, but specific. Your partner can then tell you whether or not your expectations are realistic.

5. Decide on a method to track progress. It is important to measure progress resulting from digital marketing strategies. You should be able to review campaigns and clearly see the results.