4 Reasons For Florists To Use Pinterest

When it comes to marketing online, too many florists are still completely ignoring the powerful online marketing tool called Pinterest. Based on the concept of pinning pictures to a board, Pinterest is a picture based website dedicated to user generated images.


The idea is to help share even more beauty around the world to as many people as possible. Someone once said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and they were right. You can describe something with 1000 words and it still wouldn’t be as real as a picture.

As a florist, it’s always great to have a platform like Pinterest where you can showcase your floral arrangements, designs, styles, wedding bouquets and florist shop. So, if you aren’t using it already, here’s why you should seriously start.

Loads of Women Hang out on Pinterest

And guess who holds or pulls the purse strings in the family? That’s right, women. That’s your first reason right there. If that’s not enough reason, I don’t know what is. Admittedly, men buy flowers for their spouses and girlfriends.

However, more women spend more on flowers than men. This is not surprising seeing as they often get flowers for the home and garden, buy flowers for friends, are often in charge of procuring flowers for weddings and other events.

Higher Revenue from Traffic there

From a marketing standpoint, Pinterest seems to generate more high targeted and conversion traffic than Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. According to Josh Davis of LL Social, the thinking on Pinterest is basically, “see it, like it, buy it”.

And the data seems to corroborate it. Tons of people are buying items they see on Pinterest. Bottom line, if you have an online or offline business and aren’t using Pinterest to drive traffic to your website, you’re leaving money on the table, period!

Big brands are also beginning to pile on. Lucky for you however, not all of them have. You need to get on there before the place becomes saturated and overtaken by big brands and businesses with way cash to spend on advertising than you do.

Great for Building Your Brand

There’s nothing better than having a free, highly popular platform with targeted buyers where you can build your brand, show the workings of your flower shop, display your creative floral designs and arrangements, and generally show people how beautiful their homes, offices or events can be with your flowers.

Pinterest offers this platform. You can easily build a following, get an audience and generate a significant list of subscribers from there. With over 80 million people that are accessible to you, you cannot go wrong with this platform, particularly when you understand and follow its best practices.

People Love Pinterest

Pinterest is in its early stages. This means that it’s at that stage where people love it. Remember the days when we were all addicted to Facebook and couldn’t help but be on there every single day?

Pinterest is at that stage right now. There’s incredible user engagement there. People are addicted to Pinterest and loving it. There aren’t many platforms like that right now. And the best part is, most of these people have money to spend.

Just think about that for a moment: a willing and highly engaging audience with money to spend.

Facebook never really had that combination during its early stages. Sure, there was a lot of engagement, but most were from teens that didn’t really have money to spend. Pinterest however, is largely frequented by adults with disposable income as evidenced from the revenue generated by most big brands there (scroll down to see the data).

Summarily, as a florist, you need the audience -80% of which are women- the exposure and the associated cost of using the platform –free for now- to grow your florist business. Take advantage of this and watch your business grow tremendously.

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  1. I think the gauge of social stature is ultimately measured by being visible. Pinterest is a fantastic way to provide showcase potential bouquets as well as other marketable items. I’m a strong believer that you can master creating innovative bouquets, later taking yourself to the point where yourself to the point where you can expand and offer additional products. I love the emphasis on utilizing that option to market.

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