Resolutions 2014

5 Social Media Resolutions for Florists in 2014

You know how it is – new year, new resolutions. So, while you may have made resolutions to build a better business, spend more time with your loved ones, exercise more, live a little more and take the time to smell the flowers more, have you considered adding a social media resolution? If you haven’t, maybe we can help. Feel free to adopt one or more of these resolutions.

Resolutions 2014

Sharing for the Benefit of Others

This year, you need to spend less time promoting yourself and your business on your social media networks and instead, spend more time delivering optimum value. Before sharing anything ask yourself this question: will reading my status updates or my LinkedIn posts be worthwhile to my audience?

Will they come away thinking “I’m glad I took time out to read that status update” or will they think “well, that’s five minutes of my life I am not getting back”? Make it your goal this year to share and post only extremely valuable thoughts, ideas, insights and discoveries on your social media sites.

2013 was tagged the “year of selfies”. This year, make a commitment to posting fewer selfies and spreading more cheer, beauty and positivity. Leave the economic problems and environmental hazards to others. Give people a reason to look forward to your status updates and posts.

Streamline Your Social Media Activities

This could mean anything from cutting back on the amount of time you spend mindlessly trolling social media sites to replying comments on your Facebook page. Like it or not, these things take up a considerable amount of your time.

One minute you’re posting a Facebook status update, next you’re “liking” a friend’s comment. Before you know it, you’ve spent an hour doing nothing. Avoid this by determining how long you need to spend first and then proceed accordingly. This will force you to focus on only the most important things and minimize the distractions.

Big Picture Branding

Gary V is known as a social media expert and wine connoisseur. Tom Peters is known as a management consultant’s consultant. Seth Godin is known as a relationship marketing maverick… What will you be known for this year and in the future?

What will your brand and persona be? This is something you need to give some serious thought to. As the internet evolves and the search engines become “smarter”, people and businesses with recognized brands and personality will most likely take the front seat and benefit the most from the exposure and popularity.

Moderation is Key

Enough with sharing, hashtagging, retweeting, pinning, liking and “+1ing” everything. Choose and monitor your social footprints carefully. No one needs to know what you had for lunch yesterday – unless you have many foodies in your circle.

And even then, do it only moderately. If it has nothing to do with your brand, goals, or relationship building ditch or ignore it. That’s the best way to get excellent results and build a brand that people will want to do business with.

Get More Personal

Out with the formal and in with the informal. This year, make a commitment to allow your clients, fans, friends and followers get to know you a bit better. Let them get to relate to you and like you. Do this by being more informal and conversational in your posts, tweets, status updates and pins. Give more, encourage more, share only meaningful and helpful things that people will actually benefit from.

There you go. We feel this list pretty much covers it. But if you have some suggestions, feel free to sound off in the comments section.

2 thoughts on “5 Social Media Resolutions for Florists in 2014”

  1. I made my new years resolutions this 2014, but I probably broke half of those promises already. I have a problem with fulfilling what I told myself to fulfill. I either lose interest and motivation or I simply lost hope.

    This is the advice I will try to follow next. Thanks for sharing! Hopefully I actually push through with it until the end of the year and maybe even longer!

  2. Again, great advice from Oscar K. I think the key points of this article were big picture branding and getting personal. Having someone instantly recognize your brand is incredibly valuable, they will think of your brand without even realizing it! Also, people love a business that they think is “cool” or that they can connect to!

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