5 Ways to Market Your Flower Shop in YouTube

Did you know many popular brands were established through the power of YouTube? That’s true! YouTube is a very popular video sharing site, and is the second-largest search engine on the internet, handling more daily searches than Bing and Yahoo!. Because of this known fact, marketers use this site as a tool for promoting and selling their products.

Here are 5 useful techniques you can do to market your flower shop.

  1. Create a channel – before you can do any promoting, you should first create an account. Creating an account will create a channel where all your videos are stored. The channel alone already gives you privilege to promote your site as you can put a link of your website. The best thing about this is that your flower shop has its own Youtube URL (http://Youtube.com/myflowershop)
  2. Come up with a short and viral video – remember that anything that exceeds 5 minutes is already boring. Keep your videos to about 2 to 5 minutes to maintain the viewers’ attention. If your message does not fit in a 5 minute video, cut it into parts or series. This way, your viewer will have something to look forward to.

    Make videos that are extremely useful and informative. You can go for unique “how-to” videos such as how to pick the right flower type for your girlfriend. You can make it a fun video so your clients won’t get bored. You can even create a commercial for your flower shop if you want. Who knows, your “how-to” video might get shared in networking sites or recommended to others.

  3. Use tags – This is often forgotten by many video makers. Don’t forget to put tags after creating and uploading your video. Pick the right category for your video. And if there is none that matches perfectly, choose one nearest to your topic.

    Don’t be afraid to put as many tags as you want as long as it is relevant to your video. This will give you lots of chances to appear in the related videos sidebar of other’s videos. As a result, more traffic is driven to your channel.

  4. Use YouTube email and bulletins – no one will see your videos and get to your channel if you don’t do anything. You can use your YouTube email to communicate with your fellow users. YouTube might be a video-sharing site but it is also a social networking site.

    Send praises to other users and then tell them about your videos and recommendations. One tip is to not spam other users. Don’t just send them links that are totally unrelated to their likes and niche.

  5. Leave video comments – this is a way for other users to visit your channel. However, you should remember to keep your comments appropriate to the video you are commenting on. Pick a video that is high ranking or is often visited. Also, be the first one to comment so your video stays on top of the list.

These techniques are relatively easy to do. So what are you waiting for? Go and start filling your YouTube channel with useful videos now. Good luck!


Author’s bio: Marcy Gray is an internet marketer who has tried video marketing through YouTube. In addition, she likes to write about different topics such Removing Skin Tags Yourself and Fat Loss 4 Idiots Diet

6 thoughts on “5 Ways to Market Your Flower Shop in YouTube”

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  2. Not just popular brands, there are plenty of celebrities who began their career through Youtube. Who’s more better than Justin Bieber, in this regards. His career began with his video in Youtube that went viral. There are plenty of other celebrities who are thankful for Youtube for make their dream come true.

    The best method like the article outline, is to create a video that have the potential to go viral. Bring more traffic to it, and engage in social networking. That shall see you through.

  3. These are great tips. YouTube videos are perfect for marketing a flower shop. People are curious to know more about flowers and to see them up close. Photos and images are standard, but a strong video should really help a company stand apart. Useful tips for caring for floral arrangements to make them last longer, or plant care instructions can be short, witty and fun, for instance.

    Yes, I see lots of possibilities once the videos are on the YouTube channel. I would go a step further and post them on the Web site and/or blog and/or Facebook page will help enhance these sites as well. Additionally it can help increase the likelihood of a video going viral.

  4. YouTube has been my favorite marketing tool since it started out back in 2005. It’s particularly beneficial for all you florists out there since it’s a media platform that allows you to portray your product effectively and instantly to whoever clicks on your video. They are also a lot easier to SEO and rank, since you’re hosting the video on Google’s site. It’s really important to remember to upload regular content, since your subscribers might get bored and leave the channel. Have an array of videos ready for them to view once they’re on your channel to get them to stick with you.

    Quality is essential, especially with the recent updates to Google and YouTube’s algorithms. That doesn’t mean that you should disregard effective SEO, though.

  5. I always see to it that making a YouTube account is a great marketing strategy. It’s always been advise that I give to people. YouTube shows its viewers your business in your its owners perspectives.

    You should create your video and show your viewers your business the way you want them to see it.

    Thanks for the advice and for showing us the effects and advantages of businesses having a YouTube account!

  6. I think tags are still important even today and many marketers are still forgetting to use them to their full potential. I agree that videos should center around 3-4 minutes because people will not want to watch more than that.

    Also, the video should continually attract the attention of the viewer and keep him/her hooked until the end where the sale comes in.

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