Ways To Measure Effectiveness Of Social Media For Your Business

What an Enterprise or Business Must Measure to Achieve Social Media Marketing Effectiveness

1) Facebook Likes and Page Views

You can make a company page free of cost on Facebook. Track the results you can see in your Facebook business page to see who is really visiting your page and where they are coming form.  This will help you better target for what people are most interested in.

2) YouTube Video Subscribers and Views

YouTube is the 3rd biggest search engine within North America. For those who have any kind of video clip, you need to publish it there. It is totally free! You are able to observe the quantity of individuals who have seen the video clips. As time passes, you can track statistics of people who have seen your video, and it will give you idea of how many people are engaging in your YouTube Channel community. If you publish video clips online, you could make any “channel”, and individuals can subscribe for it. These are great for tesitmonials which can also be put on your website. 

3) Del.icio.us bookmarks for your site presence

Del.icio.us is the website of a social bookmarking where people save their particular bookmarks towards the web and also share them with other folks. People also search here to find new and interesting information. This strategy can send additional traffic to your site if you are in the habit of publishing useful information.

4) Get ranking in search engines: Both in generic and branded terms
Calculate your ranking on generic search engine terms (not to your product name) in Google and others search engines like Yahoo and Bing. Increasingly more, the brand name is important but there are many traffic opportunities in long tail keywords and terms used to talk about and describe your procuct. You can write additional content targeting those keywords as well as add anchor text links using these same keywords pointing to yiour site from article directories, guest blogging and with press releases.

5) Tag line use:  Track online to determine if people are repeating your company tag line, company name, or other content exclusive to you. Once you have discovered how and where people are talking about you and your company you can focus on the sites where these people are.

6) Variety of Content articles upon Digg and Votes Counting: If you are writing website content, articles, and news, individuals who like your articles may publish to sites like Digg, Delicious, or any other social news sites. All these websites permit peopler to submit vote on articles. If you get more votes, it means that your page ranking is increased. In this way, you will go closer to the web page where you will get more traffic.

High percentages of successful online marketers are using these tactics:

  • 69% regarding respondents contained a button of social sharing in emails or a business website
  • 59% provided completely unique content to social media followers and also fans
  • 58% having a button of Facebook “like” on the internet sites as well as social web pages
  • 54% submitted videos to social media video websites
  • half (50%) controlling on social media marketing regarding brand status, CRM

Just how are internet marketers calculating their own social media marketing results? 

  • 39% take a look at revealing, sending, retweeting or publishing brand content
  • 35% determine qualified leads through social networking
  • 30% determine visits or period spent along with social branded contents
  • only 18% calculate brand name awareness/favorability (simply by surveys)

Obviously lots of your competition, and maybe you, are not taking advantage of opportunities to track social media discussions of your business. You can have a better understanding of your customers and you know that will give you competitive advantage.



Ryan Cote is Project Manager for New Jersey SEO agency, and is a campaign manager. Ryan has worked in SEO and Internet Marketingover 10 years. Ballantine provides SEO solutions

5 thoughts on “Ways To Measure Effectiveness Of Social Media For Your Business”

  1. In today’s world, social media is a must-have for any business. People are going to want to find you, and the easiest way to do that is with things they already use frequently such as Facebook or Twitter. The easier it is for people to connect, the more people will do it.

  2. Much has already been written about the benefits of social media to any type of business. The next challenge would be on how to measure the return on investment. Developing metrics on how the effectiveness of any social media marketing initiative is necessary. After all, you can’t manage what you cannot measure. Analysis of actual social media results should be grounded on actual data.

  3. I agree wholeheartedly. Tracking social media is vital to success.

    What is great about social media is that we can find out instantly how well our content is being received. Are people retweeting the Tweets and “liking” the Facebook postings? We can look at the analytics and know this for sure. This is a huge advancement from the old days of mere reliance on Web sites and email marketing lists.

    It’s great also to be able to capitalize upon trending topics on Twitter and elsewhere in the social media world and come up with content that can subtly direct people to our Web sites where…who knows? We may have a chance to get them on our mailing list or maybe even sell them something. If it is not successful, we know very quickly by way of having check the stats to see what happened.

  4. Numbers can prove everything. If your ratings are high, your percentages are high, your subscribers and views are high, then you’re definitely top market.

    You can also view charts to see whether your business is gaining awareness monthly, if awareness lessen on month, if it grew the other, etc.

    Basically, numbers are what count when trying to measure social media effectivity.

  5. Excellent post! Having clear ways to determine the effectiveness of every social media you are using is just smart business. You need to know how your work “affects” your business.

    Facebook offers very good statistics after you get 30 likes. You can learn a lot about your visitors and how to engage them properly. All these numbers associated to any social media platform you are using are just a way to see your progress. You can tell if you are doing something bad when your numbers are down. This gives you a chance to make things better by doing some changes.

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