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  • I hope to meet you someday, too. I always enjoy your posting. Thanks for the birthday wishes.

    Carol Bice
    I am going to be in the chatroom for a few minutes if you want to talk about the delivery topic.
    very cheap too; it'll save her some money (which I don't feel like doing for her at this point... well, she's a doll, but the bride's a PITA! ahhaha LOVE THAT! plus I had to do FOUR proposals -- yes; she paid her deposit -- a contract and amended contract.... too much work, but I did charge her another consult fee along with small fees for each change, which doesn't even come close to covering my time!). Anyway, I'll stop complaining, venting, what have you.... hahah, but it was soooo nice to hear from you. Hope you're doing well -- are you? Hope you haven't felt the economy crisis at all. Talk to you soon and have a great day! jeez... I wrote a short story. ~Kristen
    and now I'm at the beautiful dahlias, and guess what????? They're too SPIKY for the CLIENT, and I sent her a pic of the SOFT ONES! ARRRGGGHHH!!! So, I'm on here searching for something I can substitue just in case something happens, and it's a nightmare. I could make her a composite peony with fluffy rose petals or something like that on a ribbon bolt end like on Ubloom, but that's just too much work for what I'm making profit-wise, and I don't think my client will want to pay for it. So, my last idea...(unless you have one???) is china mums.... not nearly as beautiful, but unless I'm brain-wiped, I just can't think (or find) another alternative. And she probably won't go for the mum either, but they're huge AND fluffy.... continued AGAIN! LOL
    cont'd: heheh Wants peonies for wedding June 29th. . . I can get them, but the heat might be a problem, so I've been searching for a substitute. Shouldn't be all that hard, but the bride said absolutely NO roses, no ranunculus or lisianthus (they look too much like roses!), no kale, no king protea. . . to be continued again! lol
    Hey!!! I know. . . I FEEL like I've been among the missing! lol!!! I wish I could say it's because I'm SWAMPED with business, but, alas, I cannot. I have been swamped with my daughter. . . GOD, HELP ME!!! :eek:) She's a senior, going off to culinary college in Sept., AND has her prom last weekend of May. So. . . . FAFSA application, scholarship essays up the wazoo, gown shopping and shopping and shopping.... FINALLY FOUND ONE!!! YIPEE! It's gorgeous!!! Let's see, what else. . . <sigh>. . . and everything else. I do check in here and there but haven't posted in a very long time. I've missed reading everyone's, though, and get a kick out of those PITA's!!! LOLOL!!! I have one myself, although the client's a sweetheart (mother of the groom). The bride, though . . . <HEAVY sigh>. to be continued...
    Business is fairly the rest of us, could be better that's for sure. I'm lucky to be small, no employees, just me so that helps for sure make it through the rough months.
    Dan moved from Syracuse to here (Trumansburg) after we were married in 2001. Works as a clerk at the Post Office. He is now the unofficial Mayor of Trumansburg, everybody loves him. Especially the Senior Citizens! Dan helps me with delivery's and book work when he has days off from work. Big help!
    I will tell him you said hello!
    Just wanted to send you a little hello!
    My husband actually used to work for Colemans as a driver several years ago during the holidays. I think out of your Helen street store.
    Don't know if you would remember him..Dan Horn. He always spoke of what a great group of people you were.
    Thanks for the nomination on my post! Isn't it true though? Can never tell what those robbers are up to.
    May the "force" be with us!!! Refuse, Refuse, Refuse!
    Hey Joan. Thought i would leave you a little message. If there was a way for me to get my southern tail up there hon, I might take your designer position. Either way.....Hoping you have a great day hon.

    See ya in chat whenever Twila gets back......Ricky
    Hi Joan! I put up a post thanking you for helping me the way you did; hope you saw it! Thank you for your kindness!
    Kristen Richards (who thought you were from Rochester! hehehe)
    Hello Joan I tried to keep you here> just dropping in to look at the fine arts pic again I love that design
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