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  • Sher, i absolutely love your pics, gorgeous and really inspirational xx
    You will always be my Sparkle Plenty!
    I am fine and digging my way through paperwork from Mom....thankls for asking. I was hoping to come up to NH again but ran out of money...funny that happens once in awhile..
    Love ya
    Came home from holiday decorating covered in sparkles and of course... I thought of you :) . Hope you are well please send warm weather.
    I read it in magazines.
    Always stuck in my head.

    Now that little bird from Jersy can make a lot of money. I think she is a nymphomaniac!!!!!!!! Sex is always on her mind!
    Hope things are good for you.
    Wow..after this week of hell, I looked at thie piture and cried..I love you my friend..bunches

    Have I told you lately how special you are to me? Thanks for your love & support...I know I can always lean on you! Let's figure this nightmare out and start anew! Keeping the faith for both of us!
    Luv ya bunches,
    Di XO
    It's 11:11....(my favorite time BTW) and still your birthday by my clock. I sure hope tha you had a GREAT day. Just luv you!!!! Can't help myself. Now we all know that it is your time to come to Oregon.


    Happy Birthday to a very dear friend! Sorry...no cash for ya to blow in the Casino on your special day...but I've celebrated your birthday with Casino bucks on more than one occasion this year! You'll just have to wait until the end of May when I get the big bucks to get your belated Casino dollars!

    Rock your birthday, girl! May today be especially special! Love you!

    Di XO
    Hey lady - it was way cool to finally meet you. Stacey had a great idea to play musical chairs next time so we could all rotate & talk. Maybe when we head to FL we'll make that happen.
    Glad you made it here !
    Nope you didn't miss it. Hasn't happened yet. :) Thanks for the wishes though... much appreciated.


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