Why we’re here…

There is much information floating in various places that seems to be “gathering” almost taking on a life of its own. My hope is for this blog to take on that life, that role in the industry. To spread the word, to bring back a connection to the values that took my family thru many great years, and those of every other Real Florist.
Our industry is plagued with Non-Florists, order gatherer’s, fakes, and even some companies that protray themselves as “helping” the Real Florist. Today more than ever it is difficult for both florist and consumer alike to tell if the company they are dealing with is a florist or not. Many good, qualified florists do not know about, or understand the pit-falls that are prevelant in today’s floral industry, hence, The Real Florist Blog.
Real Florists don’t deal in commodities, we deal with Natures Art, and turn it into our own. We run businesses, talk face to face with our customers and help them out to the car and really know what this business is all about. We must take it upon ourselves to work to make the retail florist, Real Florists stronger as a group, healthier as an industry, and remove the barriers raised years ago by FTD, Teleflora and a slew of other wannabe florists to the communication between ourselves and the biases that resulted.

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  1. I figured the absolute best place to tell other Real Florists that I am looking for a full time position would have to be here. Incidentally, I am extremely picky about where I work my magic. Has to be East end Toronto for me but the establishment itself is of utmost importance. I suppose this post might be filed under ‘shameless self propelling job seeker’ but hey! why doesn’t this sight have a job postings section for Real Florists and Real Designers?
    ps there is a slight posibility I might have just not seen it here.
    Thanks to all and I am actually getting a little blue in the face from saying the same anti-Teleflora schtick over and over.

    Beans the Magnificent

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