Why 1-800-Flowers Doesn’t Rank

Over at the Outspoken Media blog, Rae Hoffman highlights some obvious reasons big brands aren’t ranking as well as they could. One of the brands she targets is 1-800-Flowers:

I’m not sure what the hell 1-800-Flowers’ SEO staff is doing … I don’t know who the hell is managing their SEO, but they should seriously actually LEARN SEO. Their site is spread through more subdomains than Lindsay Lohan is through drug dealers.

1 thought on “Why 1-800-Flowers Doesn’t Rank”

  1. The comparison with Lindsay Lohan was absolutely priceless :))! But Rae Hoffman does have a solid point in that these bigger companies that have huge budgets are just not hiring the best people for SEO purposes. Thus they aren’t ranking as they should.

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