Article: Email Marketing Tips

Florists’ Review magazine, the leading publication in the floral industry IIRC, was kind enough to publish an article I wrote on email marketing. I wanted to offer my thanks to David, Kelly, Teresa and all the team at FR for this opportunity.

Now, let’s continue the discussion. While email marketing has been discussed on FlowerChat several times, I’m interested in hearing your thoughts about the article and email marketing in general. What works for you? Tell us about your Epic Fails! Was anything in the article unclear?

I want to hear from you!

4 thoughts on “Article: Email Marketing Tips”

  1. Whilst I think email marketing can get a short term response, articles are more important. Genuine unique content and fresh ideas help the search engines see a theme. Get to work!

  2. I agree with Sheffield Florist. Email campaigns gets you a short spike on your traffic. Unique content is the way to go and link generation. The more unique links you have within you niche area the better.

  3. That was a very good post on email marketing! I’ve bookmarked it even if it was from several years ago. I think that it still retains it’s power even today. Being consistent and never giving up are two of the things anyone should be doing when trying to collect emails.

    I also liked “Try different approaches to discount offers: “free delivery (or
    vase, etc.)” versus “20 percent off” versus “$10 off” to find out
    what terminology will resonate best with your audience.” I think it’s a very sound strategy that assures you are split testing and using the best version.

  4. The wrong thing about email marketing, in my opinion, is the fact that people tend to think of it as spam. People think of it as an email that would waste their time.

    Honestly, when I receive an email that tries to give me a sale or join some website, the email goes directly to the trash bin. The only way I would actually consider reading an email is if its for personal use.

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