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Chic Prom Flower Ideas

Spring means prom season, and that means you may be finding the perfect outfit for the occasion or you’re helping your teen search for a prom look that will be the life of the party. Flowers have long been a part of prom as well, but several young people are opting for more modern versions of the corsage and boutonniere. Here are a few prom flower ideas that can make prom season even more stylish.

Set Up a Floral Bar

If teens are coming into the floral shop to choose the blooms they’ll be wearing to the prom, you can set up a little floral buffet to allow your young customers to create a one-of-a-kind corsage or boutonniere. This will give teens a chance to choose the colours and flower sizes they want, which will make this part of prom preparation even more special and memorable. This is a great way for a teenage girl and her friends to get ready for the prom together, or two teens who are going to the prom together can come into the shop to customise their wearable flowers.

Update the “Rose” Look

It’s pretty traditional to wear roses to the prom either around the wrist or on the lapel. However, a more modern take includes wearing flowers with bright hues, such as tulips and orchids. These look great with prom dresses in virtually any colour, and, of course, they go great with a black dress as well. Because orchid petals are waxy in texture, they’re ideal for corsages since they can be worn for a long time without withering. Tulips are also a great choice because they’re available in bright orange and pink shades, which show up great against neutral-coloured prom dresses.

Tinted Flowers

After prom attendees come to your floral shop to pick the blooms they want, you can offer the option of dying the fabrics with safe ingredients to coordinate with dresses or suits. Some teens are choosing to dye roses black or grey to match with prom clothing, and this is especially stylish when paired with tuxedos. Black and grey roses also look great with an accent colour, such as blue or red, and show up nicely in pictures to make prom memories even more beautiful.

Bracelet Corsage

The wrist corsage has long been a classic staple of prom wear, but you can offer pear or satin bands that teens can use to make their prom floral arrangement even more attractive. This will make it easier for the corsage to serve as a keepsake after the prom. In addition to offering attractive wristbands or bracelets to connect the flowers to, you can also recommend flowers that will last for hours without having to be watered and provide tips for caring for the blooms after the prom.

Prom Bouquet

An alternative to the corsage is the prom bouquet. A nosegay bouquet can be carried as an alternative to a handbag or clutch, and if the blooms are connected to the hand, they’re easily seen during the prom and will look beautiful in pictures. A nosegay bouquet also allows prom attendees to carry flowers that are traditionally too large for a wrist corsage, which means that blooms, such as daisies or Oriental lilies, can be used to make the bouquets more elaborate and attractive. It may also be a good idea to provide flower-safe sprays that can add fragrance or glitter to the flowers to make the bouquets stand out even more.

After a consultation with your young customers, you’ll likely be able to put together beautiful prom floral arrangements that will truly make the occasion more special. Even though flowers are a small accent, they can play a huge part in memories teens with cherish for years to come.

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