Display Your Images

Since I still haven’t gotten around to selecting more images to rotate in the top area of this site, I’m opening the floor to you the readers.

If you are a florist, photographer or in some other way the owner of a nice picture of flowers, preferably your own work, please submit the picture to us. Once or twice a week we’ll select an image, give a quick write-up of the source and link to your site. The selected image will go into rotation for all the readers to enjoy.

To submit an image email me at ryan at striderseo dot com with your image, a quick description and some background on you / your business. Please include a link to your site so that we can give you the link love!

3 thoughts on “Display Your Images”

  1. I am not a florist or a web designer. However, one website where I have found nice pictures of flowers is http://www.morguefile.com. As far as I can remember, the images are free and there are not too many restrictions for a person who wants to use them on his/her website.

    I am not affiliated to this website but I could say that the quality of several images I have acquired from it was good.

    1. Morguefile is great and you can also use http://www.SXC.hu. I’ve been using them for years and you can find cool pictures there. Sometimes when I don’t find the right picture on these 2 sites I go to Flickr and search for images on this link http://www.flickr.com/creativecommons/. From this page you can go and only see images that you can use for commercial usage and so on. There are several categories to choose from. Hope this helps!

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