A Look Ahead – Directory Rankings on Caffeine

It’s no secret by now that Google has announced a preview of their next infrastructure update.

Given the popularity of our recent report on Florist Directory Rankings (and IYP performance for florists), I thought it might be fun to see how our contenders fared in the “new Google” results.

This time out we threw everything into the blender: Top 10 US markets plus 20 cities with population between 100,000 and 500,000, all the same florist directories and Andrew Shotland’s Top 10 IYP sites.

The results, sorted by their Google Caffeine score:

Directory Google Google Caffeine
Locate A Flower Shop 3066 2714
Find A Florist 1198 1479
Flower Shop Network 1138 1197
Yelp 1347 946
Superpages 1110 757
Citysearch 984 525
Local Flower Shop 342 402
Yahoo! Local 547 382
FTD Florists Online 257 252
Insider Pages 206 117
Yellow Pages 111 98
Local Florist 1 57
BizJournals 60 40
Area Connect 90 27
Magic Yellow 12 13
Direct 2 Florist 13 11
iLocal Florist 13 3
Switchboard 1 1

The biggest winner in the Caffeine update is Teleflora’s Find A Florist directory with an increase of 281 points, though they still sit a distant second behind Locate A Flower Shop who drops 352 points but maintains a strong lead. Social darling Yelp takes a beating and drops from 2nd to 4th place. In an update that is theoried to be favouring recency and speed (thereby giving a big lift to social sites like Twitter for more real-time data) it’s interesting to see Find A Florist jump up (perhaps due in part to Nicole’s excellent work on Twitter?) while Yelp drops.

3 thoughts on “A Look Ahead – Directory Rankings on Caffeine”

  1. Thank you for that information, I just wish someone could compile those sort of statistic for Australia.

    BTW, great blog, I have my own florist website and although you have targeted US readers it has still been very informative.


    1. It would be interesting to see such a list for Austalia.

      @RKF – nice, interesting comparison that points out the differences in Google Caffeine scores and regular Google. I’m curious why some directories rank much better in Caffeine?

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