Hat Tip To The Queen of Floral SEO

One of my favourite people ever, not to mention favourite florists, is Cathy Hillen-Rulloda. I think she hates it when I say that in public … but, that’s the price she has to pay for being awesome.

In addition to being featured in an article on small business online success on Search Engline Land, Cathy was highlighted earlier this week as a Mid-Market Hero for her good SEO practices.

Good for you, Cathy!

3 thoughts on “Hat Tip To The Queen of Floral SEO”

  1. Gee, Ryan – you make me blush.

    Thank you for the very kind words and for all the support you give to your fellow florists in our quests to better understand websites & search engines. 🙂

  2. Yeah, Cathy does seem like an awesome person and I’m glad you chose to highlight her! Great people need to be in the spotlight more and more!

    I for one had enough of non-talents and quite boring wannabe “stars” that are populating our TV screens and some part of the internet.

    I learned a lot from her interview: good pointers about local search, asking for reviews and that it’s important to give back to charity causes.

    Great job, Ryan!

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