So where you been?

It’s been a long time … far too long, in my opinion, since I’ve been able to post on the Florist SEO blog.

You see, things have been a little crazy around Strider HQ of late. We’ve had a crush of florists registering for our Florist 2.0 ecommerce sites, and everyone wants to be live before the US Thanksgiving weekend. So, we work. Long days – 14+ hours some days – but when your clients are florists, you can’t complain about long hours 🙂  At one point we were looking to hire a writer for this blog, but our workload meant even that task was pushed aside.

I’m happy to announce that we’ve recently launched a bunch of new florist sites. This list isn’t exhaustive, but I’m writing from home (thanks, Primus for killing our office DSL connection) and this is from the top of my head:

Sites are always works in progress. We have literally been developing upgrades and additions on the fly at the same pace that we’re launching sites. These are exciting times!

In Other News

In other news, I’m starting to assemble some larger articles on internet marketing for florists. The first is on email marketing, the rest have yet to receive specific topics. My question for you, oh faithful reader, is what would you like to have addressed? If you, as a florist, had to start marketing online tomorrow, what would be your first question? Your second?

What do you want to learn about? Please leave your answers in the comments.

3 thoughts on “So where you been?”

  1. 1. How to get our main site ranking again in Google, Yahoo, etc., without PPC. We’re a small shop in a small town and don’t have the advertising budget for PPC. Had been signed up for free SEO which has now expired (I believe). We eventually want to go WS free, but need to get our site ranking at least up there with the TF site. Seems like all the big guys are taking over searches on the Net, much like they did with YP. Used to be if you were in a small anywhere-in-the-world town, your site was #1. Not anymore….
    2. Seems like online SEO ‘toolkit’ companies are popping up out of the woodwork….how does one determine which ones are trustworthy/effective?

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