Ex-OG Outs Ava’s for Fake Local Marketing

In an interesting, “didn’t see that coming” type of twist former bad boy OG and Florist.com / HonestFlorist owner Aron  Benon has taken aim at the underbelly of the floral industry in his new blog at Flowers.Org.

The latest post explicitly calls out noted gatherer Ava’s Florist for their fake-local tactics.

What’s your take on this article and the new blog?

UPDATE: Well, that didn’t take long! The posts outting OG tactics have been removed, and the florist listings are stuffed with From You Flowers links.

And so it goes …

3 thoughts on “Ex-OG Outs Ava’s for Fake Local Marketing”

  1. Manuel Chandler

    Let me start by saying that i know Aron and worked with Aron and whatever he’s doing is not for the benefit of any florist. His tactic of calling out florist is a sham. This is how he ran Florist.com and I’m sure this is how he’s currently running his sites. When florist.com was operational orders would come in, yes we were the dirtiest order gathers out there. Each order was handled by a program that would literally take off depending on the order 5 -15 $. From there it would get passed over to us the customer service reps and we would call all the florist in the area and work out a deal where they would make a similar arrangement to the one chosen for 5-15 less, which of course we did not know we were getting cut orders. I came to realize this when i had to check on an arrangement for delivery and on the site it was 75 and the paper infront of me said 60. I asked what gives and I was told don’t worry about it, it was a “special”. I did not see any specials ever on the site and kept running into this problem over and over again, florist couldn’t do it for the price given but Aron would not let us give the florist more money even for delivery. He charged a delivery and processing fee that the florist never got. His right hand guy Frank would talk to us and tell us that we needed to get these orders out right away no matter what we could not give the florist any more money than what showed on my sheet. Those were Arons command. If needed he got on the phone and hussled the order out. Still keeping the 5 -15$ from the order. Now you have to take note that we were sending over 200 orders a day, now times that by the $$ we were stealing from those customers, that’s over 1k+ a day. That is why he has several cars and luxurious home. He is an evil person, I quit when i couldn’t take stealing from customers and flowershops. My name above is not real nor is my email address. But this comment is GOD’S HONEST TRUTH. If I were a florist, I would not trust this person and hopefully if florist do read this they will stay away from him. This is just the tip of the iceberg, hopefully this will shed some light to this wolf in sheeps clothing.

    1. Man, this guy seems a real scam artist! I’m glad you told us about Aron and his ways of doing business (mostly for himself). I hate these kind of people that try to make a quick buck by scamming flowers shops that are sometimes the income makers for entire families! These guys should be brought to justice and given 5+ years of jail time!

  2. Wow, this is a lot of drama I wouldn’t expect from such a small website! I’m surprised to see people acting this way, but it’s nice that it seems to be resolved.

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