SEO tips for small business traffic building (Part 8)

Traffic is the biggest target in SEO and it is this which all marketers, big or small, aim at driving into their websites in large volumes. Internet marketing intends to convert this traffic into customers and it is here that the footfalls can directly translate into profit for any business. Small business owners lack the resources to fund heavily expensive advertising/marketing projects and therefore it is even more necessary for them to build up traffic aka business aka profit for their ventures via SEO. For instance, even if your florist shop does not have an offline outlet, a seo optimized website can easily suffice for it and drive in the targeted traffic to your virtual shop, thus allowing you to do good business over the web and reap profits too.

Now how to build traffic for small business owners through SEO?

Go Ahead

I find this to be the primary strategy that you must welcome if you want to highlight your business in the industry. Do not think, think and think so much that you lose out on time and give over the profit to your contenders. SEO is important, no doubt about it, so please go ahead and incorporate it into your website if you want results. If you are selling flowers, sell them in style. Magnify your business site, drive it to the top in SERPs, let your customers find you in one single keystroke and enjoy profits.

Quality backlinks count

A Search Engine like Google not only assesses the links directed towards your website, while indexing, but it keeps an account of your outbound links too. That is why make sure that your outbound links point towards quality websites and not those “low-value” ones which could affect the ranking of your site. And for attracting incoming links, ensure that your web content is great – bloggers are guaranteed to link back if they find interesting information for their readers in any site.

Befriend Google and compete with your competitors

Think of Google as a friend and not a foe. Do not try to challenge its algorithms, outsmart its tactics or undervalue its intelligence. Set your priorities right, abide by its requirements and use the seo tools that it offers – you will gain a lot. For instance, don’t guess at key phrases, research them with Google Adwords. Google Webmaster can again help you to track the movement of your business and pull traffic to it. And yes, whether you are using Firefox or WordPress, make use of SEO plug-ins, extensions and add-ons to simplify optimization.

Keep a standardized URL

Let your URL have one single face and not several. If you do that, you will end up diluting the SEO power of your website.

Automate SEO processes

The internet marketer of today has a range of automation options for empowering seo. If you want to devote more time to business development, outsource SEO and automate the processes. It can help you save time, build more traffic and make more profit in the long run.

Follow these tips and you will not only enjoy a firm grip over SEO in a short while but also use it to your advantage to draw traffic and improve sales hugely!

2 thoughts on “SEO tips for small business traffic building (Part 8)”

  1. First of all, congratulations on 10 interesting, information and intelligent Blogs: thank you.

    When you write about using outbound quality links, can you provide a few examples, pertinent for florist websites?

    Thank you in anticipation.

  2. Moz has now a quality page links called juice page links which only take into account the links that are actually providing some link juice. I’m pretty sure Google takes this into account when ranking sites.

    They also have a factor called Page Authority which is extremely important as it shows how strong a certain page is in relation to other pages from the same industry.

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