Web design and SEO – a winning combination for small businesses (Part 7)

By this time, all of you must have gained a fair idea that SEO is important for making a mark in small business. Without it you stand nowhere, even if you have a website for your store. And it is also true that only a combo of a well-designed website and the right seo tools can help one to fetch targeted traffic and revenue both, not otherwise. They are intertwined and so, you must combine them rightly to get the desired results.

The 5 most important features to integrate into your small business website are the following –


Undoubtedly this is the first requirement for any website doing online/offline business for ensuring that your potential clients find your website fast and quick. When you are selling flowers – an item which buyers order almost instantly – you can’t afford to be slow. The right keywords, backlinks and content, all relevant to your niche must be integrated to the right degree in your site for achieving your goals. And you do not even have to travel far to acquire such enhancers, for you can easily purchase them here if you think that your website is suffering because of bad SEO. If you are there at the top, you gain business, otherwise it goes to your local competitors – the bottom line is as simple as that and hence, you must act fast and quick. You can never compromise with SEO if you are looking for good business and make sure that you implement that.


Your Homepage is the face of your business. All your business information must be included in it and it should necessarily hold news about any deals or offers that you are putting up for promotion. Keep it neat and clean – don’t mess it up with unnecessary elaborations. Selling fresh flowers and displaying a messy webpage is not going to take you anywhere. And your headline must be exceptionally good to grab the eyeballs of your potential customers and then lead them to your page.

Lead Generator

Capturing the e-mail address of your webpage visitors can help you to establish business connections with them in future. So, don’t forget to include a lead generator in your SEO optimized webpage which has ploys to capture the email address of visitors when they enter your website.

Keep it simple

Too complex a website design which takes a long while to load can leave a browser frustrated and he is likely to close the window and step into the next site if it is not quick enough. So, keep it simple, informative and user-friendly.

Customer friendly

Your SEO campaigning for your small business must be focused towards customer requirements. Each one of them has stepped into your website to look for their desired products/services and not to read about your greatness. You must be aware what I am talking about, since most websites tend to do this mistake. So avoid that, and keep your business message and item catalogue free of that.

Good SEO and good Web design go hand in hand and a business can only succeed in building up Traffic, if one cooperates with the other. In the next part, I will elaborate more on “Traffic” – the target of SEO and how you can pull in a good volume of it.

3 thoughts on “Web design and SEO – a winning combination for small businesses (Part 7)”

  1. Some more great information. I especially like that you refer to a customer as “stepping into” the website. This gave me a reminder that my website is just like having another store. I don’t like it when my store is cluttered either.

    I have a question about the keywords, backlinks, and content. You say these all need to be integrated “to the right degree”. I’m a florist. I’m wondering if there is a formula. I understood from the last post that most of my keywords should be in the beginning and at the end of my content. Is there a rule of thumb on how many backlinks and keywords should be included in content based on word count? More importantly I guess, is there a point where there are too many keywords and backlinks?

    Thanks for the great tips!

  2. Linda,

    Wouldn’t it be great if there was a formula? It would make our lives so much easier … but then everyone would abuse the formula and we’d have an internet full of a bunch of nasty robot-sounding content.

    The key is to make it natural. If you’re a trained writer it will happen well for you. If you’re not (like me!) then start by writing naturally – even conversationally. At the end, review your text for spelling & grammar errors, then just make sure you’re included the targeted phrases (different permutations are ok – plurals, tenses, etc) within the text in a way that doesn’t sound forced.

  3. All good advice and I think lead generation could be the most important. Getting email addresses from people that are clearly interested in your topic is like having some money in the bank: all you need is to go and pick it up!

    You just have to build a connection with your email list, help them and show them you care about their need and then give them products that will actually be of use to them. Most of them will buy because you recommended and they trust you and because they need that item you are promoting.

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