Ways to perform small business SEO (Part 5)

As promised, in this part of my blog I’m going to discuss ways by which you can perform SEO for your small business. Well, in fact SEO is extremely dynamic in nature and can never be implemented as something which remains static all through its implementation tenure. It might sound interesting to you that Google keeps re-ranking websites constantly and so even if you do not hit the top in one week, slightly tweaking your website can easily push you ahead in the next, provided you do your modifications rightly. A line of action is recommended below.

 Research and review

Before you perform a SEO, you need to review your website and research about what you intend to change in it. Jot down your goal, brainstorm for keyword phrases, sign up with Google Adwords to research about the search queries that you shortlist and know more about your niche competitors. Yahoo Site explorer is a great tool which you can use to find out the resource of the links that your competitors use.

The right amount of onsite SEO

Sign up with Google Analytics and get adequate data to form the baseline of your endeavor. The visual design must be appealing enough to draw traffic. Create site content, page title and page description tags which are unique and original. Search Engines have a strong aversion for duplicated material. Infuse relevant and realistic keywords into the content, use images liberally (please be relevant), name them correctly and if possible, include a blog in your webpage. Post articles regularly on it, inform your prospective customers about your services/products and do not forget to include news of recent developments in your business field, if any.

Optimized SEO related tags, Meta description/tags, your business address, logo and contact number – all these must be included during onsite SEO optimization. If you are selling flowers, there must be some channel via which your customers can get in touch with you for placing an order.

Campaign your website with Offsite Seo

Offsite SEO is going to yield you returns in future and so do this carefully. Article writing and submission, Forum posting, Directory submission, Press Release submission, social media marketing, blog commenting – all these are part of offsite seo and very important for drawing footfalls (clicks) to your webpage. You can make submissions to –

  • Google Local
  • Yahoo Local
  • Bing Local
  • Yelp
  • City Search

Adhere to submission guidelines – it’s important.

Track results and improve

Track your progress regularly. There are a variety of seo tools available for recording this with precision graph (e.g. Traffic Travis/ Google Webmaster etc.). Use them, make changes wherever you feel necessary and update content regularly for a top rank in Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Performing SEO in this line can make you outshine your competitors remarkably. Even if you own a small florist shop in your locality and a very simple website, the right SEO campaign can improve both to the limits and help you achieve the top position in all SERPs.

In my next article, I will discuss everything about keywords and SEO. Watch this space!

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  1. I always felt that proper research is the best way to start a SEO campaign. Knowing what your competitors are up to will give you a big advantage. Seeing where they are getting links from and jotting them down so you can try to replicate them is a good strategy.

    Using Adwords to get keywords is as good today as it was years ago if not better. You can find out how much people are spending on certain keywords, how many exact match searches there are for a keyword and much more.

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