4 Pinterest Best Practices for Florists

Pinterest is becoming one of the most trafficked and popular social media websites online, and for good reason too: the traffic converts particularly when your niche thrives on visuals. As florists, using Pinterest can significantly contribute to your bottom line.


This is not surprising given the huge percentage of women on the website –over 80%. In fact, Pinterest is said to be so profitable that each pin brings in about $0.78. To benefit from this however, you need to know what to do and how to go about it. There is a good and a bad way to display your “wares” on the website. To get the most out of Pinterest, you need to adopt the best practices possible.

Absolutely No Spamming

You’d think this would be commonsensical, but it isn’t. Every day, people try to spam or game the system and they get shutdown almost immediately.

In fact, at the early stages, some unscrupulous marketers took to spamming the platform; an action that the guys at Pinterest quashed almost immediately. So, as much as possible, do the humane thing: avoid spamming the platform. Instead, adopt a healthy attitude of sharing. If your pins are good, you bet others will repin and share them too.

Add Value to the Community

This goes without saying that this is very essential. The bedrock of Pinterest is to make life more colorful and beautiful. It’s to help enrich others’ lives by providing them with interesting images containing ideas that they can borrow from or use for their own personal benefits.

Bottom line, it’s a platform that is dedicated to value. As a florist, you can for instance, start a board for wedding and bouquet floral arrangements. You can also start a home or interior floral decorations. There’s no limit to just how much you could benefit from and use this social media site.

Study Successful Boards and Adopt Their Methods

There’s a popular saying that you don’t need to reinvent in wheel. You just need to know and study what works and improve on it. There are tons of successful Pinterest boards already. Study them and learn from them.

In fact, you will find some florists already on Pinterest sharing and pinning pictures of themselves at work, showcasing their floral arrangements and building their brand and business there. Borrow a leaf from them. Study their boards, see what they’re doing correctly and what they aren’t. And then, improve on whatever it is they are doing. If you can’t improve, at least be sure to match their standards.

Engage More Frequently

As with all social media platforms, the key to being successful with Pinterest is consistent engagement. If you use Pinterest as well as you should, the platform will be very rewarding. Here’s an interesting fact: conversion from Pinterest traffic is significantly higher than that from Twitter and Facebook combined.

In simple English, this means that the audience or traffic from Pinterest will more likely hire your services or purchase flowers from you. For a platform that isn’t as stringent as Facebook or Twitter, the results are quite phenomenal. Increased engagement will often result in more repins, increased traffic and more consults.

By the way, you might want to know that engagement doesn’t really mean anything difficult or different from what you’re already doing on a daily basis. What you just need to do is simply take more pictures, tag them accurately with the proper keywords (optimization) and watch your board become increasingly popular and your pictures get a lot of repins.

Smart florists need to get on Pinterest now before it is overrun by spammers and marketers. It’s simple and easy to use. Think of it as what Facebook was in the early days. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the process. You’re going to love it.