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Google+ Cover Photos & Profile Images – A Florist’s Opportunity

In the world of small business today a dedicated web presence is a necessity for success. Using social media, having an interactive and informative website and providing your customers with an incentive to visit are all excellent tools to build you business and expand your online presence. Google+ has just made this easier for small businesses with their expanded template for cover photos and profile images.

The new oversized cover photo comes in at a whopping 2120 x 1129 pixels, giving businesses ample space in which to make an impression on present and potential customers. This large photo takes up 95% of the viewable screen, giving you the business owner the opportunity to make a memorable first impression. Choosing the right photo – or photos – to place in this pivotal space can make or break your online presence.

Many florists will naturally gravitate to a large photo of a beautifully completed floral arrangement. While there is nothing inherently wrong with this tactic, thinking outside the box can cause much stir and excitement, and having your brand trending online is the ultimate symbol of success. When considering a photo worthy of cover status, consider your goals.

Are you a new business trying to attract customers? Are you an established business hoping to grow and expand into other areas? What services do you provide that set you apart from the florist down the street? These are all excellent questions you will need to answer in order to design the ultimate cover photo.

For example, if a point of pride is your extensive delivery area, you could place photos of your delivery people on their appointed rounds. In the corner you could place a listing of the neighbourhoods or surrounding cities or counties in which you will deliver. This gives new visitors an immediate reason to order from you – you deliver three towns over, unlike your competitors.

If you have established a gift basket line, use the cover photo to show off the wide variety of baskets that you have available. Baskets for new parents, romantic picnic baskets, sports themed birthday baskets – showing the gamut of baskets you provide will set you apart from the florist who only discusses their gift basket line in print. And of course, customers enjoy being able to see exactly what it is they are ordering.

And it is not just photos that you can use. Your address, phone number, email address, listing of services and products and a clear call to action can help sell your shop to new customers – and reassure existing customers that they frequent the florist of choice in your area. The size of the new Google+ cover photo template makes it easier than ever before for you to advertise multiple advantages over your competitors.

Do you have an unusual storefront? Highlight the architectural interest of your shop on your cover photo. Have a store mascot, such as a cat or dog? Use their precious furry face to give established customers an instant connection to their previous visits, and make new customers curious to stop in and meet the shop pet. And if you feature Fido or Fluffy wearing a collar of fresh roses, baby’s breath and Sweet Williams in the photograph, that is even better.

And finally, remember these tips as well for a successful cover photo experience:

  • Keep it relatively clean and simple – trying to over stuff the cover photo space with pictures, logos, maps and text just looks messy.
  • Consider your store logo when choosing your photo. Be sure the photo you choose will not inadvertently hide your logo, or cause it to be less obvious. Your logo is your bread and butter, after all.
  • Use the larger area to bring attention to your social media links. Encourage new and existing customers to follow you on whatever social media sites you are on and you will immediately see an increase in revenue.

Attached is a free Google Plus Cover Photo .PSD template to help get you started. Good luck growing your business and expanding your online presence. Your bottom line will thank you for it!

11 thoughts on “Google+ Cover Photos & Profile Images – A Florist’s Opportunity”

  1. vida_llevares

    I think your cover picture should be intriguing so they could make your audience interested and eager to find out more about your profile.

  2. Lauren Winters

    Thank you for this article. I understand that image is everything online when a first impression is made. The template is a good start to this, and thank you for attaching it! I’m in a business opportunity that has a logo. You have inspired me to be creative with it!

  3. This is a very informative article and very pertinent information for business orders! Having social media venues for your floral business is so important because with active profiles, you will generate many impulse orders. With the right cover photo, you have the ability to send instant reminders to potential customers about your services.
    I also feel that your cover photo should be changed occasionally, just as you would change your storefront display to keep your audience’s interest and entice first time buyers. I agree that these photos should definitely emphasize your special products or services. Variety is the word that comes to mind when you update cover photos. Showcase products of various lines and price ranges. Group items together to increase the sales of your non floral items.
    In addition, if you are displaying a product or service in your cover photo, you should include some basic information. Customers will want to know certain facts. This is a busy world; don’t assume they will call and ask. Your phone number should be prominently displayed on your page as well.
    You will need to make sure the cover items you advertise are in stock and available when you post photos. If you sell out or discontinue an item, replace the photo immediately. Customers will be unhappy if they are told an item is no longer available when they call.

  4. Thanks so much! I’m downloading the template now. Our G+ photo has much to be desired. I love this blog!

  5. Thanks for another great article!
    My own business has been sorely lacking in online presence, and your tips on how to use Google + are really helping us along.
    I’m already working on a good flower arrangement for our google page, haha.

  6. Thank you for yet another intriguing article. I find Google+ great to engage with customers, and your tips are helping me go a lot further with my success. Thanks a lot.

  7. Thank you for the template download! This article and Kerri’s comment about switching out our profile photos has sparked my imagination. Time to come up with a game plan now.

  8. Thank you for the informative article. I am always looking for new ways to generate traffic, and keep in contact with my customers. I have not used Google +, but with their cover photo, it looks like a great way to illustrate my business.

  9. RomanAnthonysMama

    Cover photos and profile images are definitely a MUST when promoting a product. I usually design my companies graphics myself, but if I didn’t know how, I would definitely pay money for someone to design them. It is so important to present your customers or future customers with a professional design!

  10. These are great tips. Thank you so much for the template, too! I greatly appreciate it as I am new to Google + and I am seeking out ways to use it for marketing.

    I also found your list of ideas to fully utilize the larger space to highlight various aspects of our businesses extremely helpful. You are so right, there are far better ways to use that space than to fill it with an attractive floral arrangement.

    Adding in the social media links is a great idea, too.

    @Kerri, thanks for the tip about periodically changing the cover photo.

  11. I think it all depends of what you want to succeed with. Is your business good at delivery? Does your store look great and is you main seller that you would like to improve upon? Do you want to attract a newer kind of customers?

    Just by realizing what kind of goals you have you can decide upon your cover photo and it’s size and on your profile images. You would just put emphasis on whatever aspect you want people to notice about your business. Just put yourself in people’s shoes and see yourself how they would to realize if you are looking at it from the right perspective.

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