FTD Drop Ship on Florist Websites

FTD Websites Add Drop Ship Items To Unsuspecting Florists

First reported yesterday morning, florists with FTD website woke up to find several new categories of items active on their websites, just in time for those Valentine’s shoppers.

The kicker? The items are all FTD Drop Ship gifts!

FTD Drop Ship on Florist Websites

This comment was posted by one affected florist:

Look what appeared on my ftd website overnight without my approval. “Next day shipping…” “Ground Shipping…” All of Ftd’s dropship items. I called. It’s a glitch they are working on. I said how convenient two days before vday. So, ftd expects me to believe that the owner of ftd, net zero, classmates.com etc has a website glitch. Come on. I am livid.

While it’s extremely unlikely this was an intentional action on FTD’s part (anyone with any IT experience knows that anything can go wrong, and if something is going to go wrong it will happen at the worst time), this is still a major problem for retailers fighting against both the busiest two days of the year (many in awful weather), and against their growing mistrust of FTD.

Hopefully FTD will make this right quickly for the thousands of affected members.

2 thoughts on “FTD Websites Add Drop Ship Items To Unsuspecting Florists”

  1. Another slip-up by FTD. Thanks for reporting this; I don’t think we should allow FTD to mess things up this badly.

  2. Not cool, I doubt it was an unintentional glitch. People have busy schedules and businesses shouldn’t mess that up! I’m sure a lot of people lost a lot of time and money due to this error, I’m really hoping FTD made up for it as they are the ones at fault!

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