Florists For Change Atlanta Day 1

Read on for live coverage of Day 1 of the Florists For Change meetings in Atlanta, GA.


17 thoughts on “Florists For Change Atlanta Day 1”

  1. You rock Ryan and Mark did a great job filling in…Hope you are all having fn and getting informed and making new connections…

  2. Can you ask teleflora since they mention florist burlington VT and about hi jacking orders I like to know why they run an add using chappell’s Florist and redirect to their web site


    1. Happy to, but I tried to check online and don’t see it – just a generic ad. What search term shows the problem listing?

  3. Great Job Ryan this is very helpful to keep us in the loop and when time allows I will switch over to live stream especially when the wire services speak tomorrow.

  4. Thanks Ryan and Mark… lots of discussion we didn’t hear on the live feed. I believe the price mentioned was $120.00 to send to Betsy Hall at Hall’s in Stone Mountain, GA if you wished… for dues through Dec 2012. Thanks again.

  5. Hi Ryan!
    Great job! Sorry I couldn’t make it this time, but will in March.
    This helped me see what went on this time, and I’ll follow along as more information posted. We have a wholesaler show later in October and would like to sign up some people.
    Keep up the good work!!

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