TF Link Scheme Update

This is a follow-up to the post Teleflora Linking Scheme – Are You A Victim?.

We have received word unofficially that Teleflora is responding to a number of complaints about this issue. We can confirm that Teleflora has removed the hidden link from the pop-up page.

Why This Is Not Enough

The pop-up page in question is still hosted on – not on the florist’s own site. This means is still benefiting from the badge links.

In fact, the initial implementation was clumbsily handled, so they liked received only a fraction of the benefit from those new links than they would have with a better approach. So, now they have tried to appease the masses by removing a largely ineffective link while maintaining the benefit of the 1/2 million links to their domain.

Do The Right Thing

Two approaches that will work for florists:

  1. Ask TF to remove the badge from your site. It’s your site … you control what’s on it.
  2. Allow the badge to remain, but have the pop-up (which does contain relevant info) be served from the florist’s web site domain.

2 thoughts on “TF Link Scheme Update”

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  2. Thanks for following up with this and not letting them get away with this! They probably fouled some people into thinking that because they removed the hidden link from the pop-up page, it is all ok now. Well, those badges were actually what was more important. Teleflora showed how ridiculous they really are with this “update” and many people have run away from them because of this.

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