Florists For Change Coveage – Day 2

It’s almost time to start the wrap-up session for the first-ever Florists For Change meeting. The mood is electric even after a late night of meetings, and a later night in Vegas (for some … this East Coast boy was face-down snoring not long after the wind up last night!).

That said … I see a coffee cart in the back so I’ll return to start coverage in just a few minutes.


11 thoughts on “Florists For Change Coveage – Day 2”

  1. The only position that will succeed is to stop filling orders from OG.
    The second action required is to convince Google to not allow text PPC ads that allow OG to pretend to be local florists. And to not allow organic listings that involve the use of a dynamic data base that permit a florist to have a listing in thousands of different cities. Google Places is also a big problem as Google does not verify addresses allowing dishonest florists and OG to have a phony address.

    1. if not stated already – there should be no send only listings/members – maybe the slogan should be –
      ” if you don’t fill – you can send nil”

      1. remember that the ws do not always id where the orders come from which is another difficulty in trying not to fill og orders – all orders need to be transparent

    2. Ken you’re right, in a perfect world. But if you show me 99% of florists in a city who say no to filling for OGs, I’ll show you 1% that’s putting all their kids through college. – The stop filling mantra doesn’t work because we live in a society where we need to pay bills. The only way you will ever destroy all OGs is if you offer something to the online consumer they find of higher value. Remember, in general, online flower buyers are looking for service first, flowers second. – First step, when it comes to online, florists need to understand their site is not an extension of their shop, it’s a whole different business model. And either they gather orders for THEIR shop (ethically) or third party businesses will be happy to do it for them.

      Stay strong brother and sisters of the floral industry!

      -*note*- No one dislikes the d/OG business model more than I and our shop doesn’t fill for them. It’s bad for business, but I’ll walk into floral heaven with a crown on my head. 🙂

  2. thanks so much Ryan for doing this ,I wanted to come so bad but finances just couldnt be raised…I would like to be part of any comittee that I could help in anyway , thanks again for your time and effort

  3. Ryan,
    Thank you for for providing this information, it has been great to be able to read live the comments. I so wish I could have been there. And to the organizing group a big thank you for forming this group I have only been in the business for 11 years, but I now see hope for the future of florists.


  4. Ken,

    I would have loved to have had you hear to contribute to the planning and discussion. You were missed.

  5. Is that Oct 3 meeting an ALL DAY meeting or do I understand that it starts in the evenng? Sounds as though Telflora is wanting to have a lot of influence … Im not so sure that I would /could trust them!

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