Florists For Change Coverage – Day 1

We’re covering the first Florists For Change conference, organized by a group of passionate retail florists looking to change the economics of the floral industry.

Last night’s Ice Breaker session featured some introductions to the organizers and an overview of the plan for the next two days. Today’s schedule is quite full! The format will be some presentation of facts, followed by breakout groups for focused discussion, and then meeting together again to review the findings from our discussions.


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  1. Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much for the blog. We are very interested and wish we could be there. It’s time, and we want very much to be a part of your program.
    Thanks, again, for all the hard work.

  2. I own a small shop in Glendale Arizona, again as said before, I wish I could be there. We have been very blessed in seeing our sales this summer increase condiderably over last year, due to our networking and focusing on our customers. In essence, we have marketed our selves, and not relies on wire services to do that for us. We use a buy local theme, which is very in right now. Our goal is to drop all wire services by the end of the year. Great job on copvering the event, Please keep usposted.

  3. Thanks for the comments, everyone!

    It’s been a really neat experience so far, and clearly the team is organized and is planning well into the future. This isn’t a one-off, it has some legs and will continue to grow.

    Start making plans for the Oct 3rd meeting in Atlanta! (I learned today that 80% of the USA is within a 2hr flight of Atlanta)

  4. Wow!- I truly appreciate the time you are taking to do this~ for all of us that could not attend. KUDOS to Florist for Change- I know it’s only the begining, but haven’t we been in this battle for a long time already? Enough is Enough.

  5. Thank you for being our eyes and ears and please continue to keep us updated. The industry has to change. No WS bashing but they have to know that things can’t go on status quo. FTD and TF are both probably one good MD or VD of not being able to get their orders filled to collapsing atleast as we have traditionally understood the WS model anyway. I don’t think that would be all bad. Perhaps it would force all of us to come up with a real solution.

  6. Before I comment, I am making sure it is known that I am NOT a business owner. I am a designer/employee. Therefore, my POV is more than likely different than a business owner would have.
    With that in mind, first of all, Thank you Ryan for doing the blog. Secondly, Most know that I am not a fan of the Wire Services. As I see this taking place, A few things come to mind… developing the F2F solution…..I see the caveat being ‘standardized’ designs, as let’s be honest, Not everyone in our industry is equally skilled. If we are being different and leading people away from the ‘typical’ ws style arrangements, then varying levels of skill have to be taken into account. I will try and address another point tomorrow. I am excited to see this taking place, however, I am also cognizant enough to realize that real change has to start with each and every one of us in our daily shops. To praraphrase a statement made by several florist friends of mine…..both online and in real life, “I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR THE SUCCESS or FAILURE of my FLOWER SHOP as a designer/employee’ My failure costs undue time, money, and resources. My success adds profitability, greater customer satrisfaction, and hopefully a habitual shopper.

    1. Mikey the Flower Guy

      whether a shop owner, or not, it is EACH PERSON’S RESPONSIBILITY, to portray AND follow through on a common ground, that impresses the average consumer.
      Right now, we ALL have much to answer for……

  7. Ditto to all of the above… wish I could be there… hope you’re able to keep on track… hope there’s a glimmer of a solution on the horizon. And a REAL thanks for the live blog!

  8. Ryan,
    I can’t the list of topics, what we’re 1 – 3 and now for. Thanks for bloggin…….Later

  9. This is awesome..I KNEW I wasn’t alone in this…….
    Unified, WE have all of the negotiating power and the WS has none.
    Great beginning…thanks for the tweets!

  10. we support florists for change & their efforts – hope this gathering is a huge success & that ideas on how florists can band together to overcome the difficulties that the b&m florists are facing are found and promptly implemented & executed

  11. I am interested in the discussions that are going on and while I can’t be there I give you my moral support. We need to change the business model for the average retail florist. There is strength and support in numbers.

  12. Thanks for keeping us updated. I appreciate your personal notes as well, a little more to think about.


  13. Mikey the Flower Guy

    we are NOW at “base camp” on our ascent to the peak…..I wonder how many folks are gonna go home to a nice glass of wine, a little sigh, and start tomorrow, “as has ALWAYS been done”??

  14. We have enjoyed following your blog and the responces to the blog. As one shop who dropped all wire services as of the beginning of the year, we have not regretted the decision. We find that most florist shops we do business with are allwilling to do 80/20 split. We have had great customer success and have found a tremendous amount of wonderful florists.

  15. We couldn’t attend the conference, but we felt like we had with your excellent coverage. This is a huge step in the right direction….if only we could get all the florists to understand the issues. As for the 80/20 split…I don’t think most florists are aware that they must pay “Use” tax on all Wholesale sales, that is all WS sales and all F2F sales (basically anything that you don’t charge sales tax on). So, the 80/20 split is really a 70/30 split in my state. I’m not thinking these numbers are too attractive. I think all florists need some expert accounting information

    1. Most states have a similar sales tax code so I will pass on what I know to be correct for the last 40 or so years that I have been it in this business. There is no double taxation or at least in the USA as far as I know. The originating Florist (or Wire Service) that actually takes the order collects and is responsible for the Sales Tax charged on the gross sale and remits to their State (wire services remit to the state of customers/purchaser location). Therefore all wire orders that are received or sent are not subject to sales tax again, it was already been paid once at its origin. It is considered “Sales in interstate commerce and or repairs or goods delivered to another state”

      Get a new accountant and or speak with someone in your states sales tax department about this issue. If this doesn’t work in the state you are in you are in a state of confusion. Website sales are taxable only when the sale originates in your state or is delivered in your state. When the sale is from another state to another state is done electronically in seconds via the internet so it’s doesn’t have a root location in the website owners state.

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