Marketing Channel Effectiveness vs Difficulty

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the marketing channels with the lowest degree of difficulty also come with the lowest level of effectiveness.

Market Difficulty vs Effectiveness

The study by Market Sherpa also reveals that even larger corporations are struggling with planning and formalized processes for implementing marketing tactics. However, that hasn’t stopped companies from going after the more difficult options like SEO, Site Optimization, Content Strategies and Trade Shows.

Print advertising continues to be see steady use despite its low effectiveness, likely because of the low cost and investment of manpower.

Email marketing sits in a sweet spot of high effectiveness and low difficulty, but it should be noted that low investment in the quality of your email marketing will significantly impact the results.

10 thoughts on “Marketing Channel Effectiveness vs Difficulty”

  1. Interesting study, using both techniques for marketing won’t be a problem. However certain businesses still don’t see the power of email marketing. It is cost-effective as well given that you know what services to use and who to assign the task to. You can even outsource your email marketing task to someone from other part of the world in freelance portals.

  2. Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing if you can build a list of customers and get them to read and react to your messages! It should only be costing you a few bucks a month to be able to send out large amount of messages and they are going straight to people you know are interested in your product.

  3. It surprises me to see social media so low on the effectiveness axis. I would think it’s huge right now, even surpassing email. Then again, I don’t know when this chart was made. Social media is a great idea for businesses, and especially florists. Email would probably be good to look into as well.

  4. Is email still alive? With the new age of social media and even more instant communication for me email is slowly failing. I have found myself communicating more as a consumer and business person through social media than email. Unless one is familiar with the company or brand emails often get overlooked and sent to the trash folder. I believe business can stand out in email marketing but must include diverse ways of communication within the email.

    1. Email marketing may work but it has to be matched with face-to-face interactions. Though technology has become mainstream now, nothing could still beat the human touch.

  5. I think that your marketing channel priorities should be based upon one thing: Your Customers. If you’re not marketing to them where they are, and in the way that want, then you simply aren’t going to get the sales. I have to say that I’m also a little surprised that social media marketing didn’t place higher in importance.

    1. I agree with you, FloralFan. Your initiatives should be tailor-fit to your market. Some marketing activities may not work out because they are not applicable with your target market.

  6. I am not surprised that email marketing continues to be effective. Offering potential customers an incentive of some kind — free gift, coupons, etc — to opt in to an email list still works.

    When you have an opt-in list of customers and/or prospective customers there will always be a certain percentage who will open and read your emails. With the major autoresponder services this is something that you can readily track and fine tine accordingly.

    I think that more and more companies will have to use a variety of methods to market including social media, especially Facebook and Twitter. But I don’t see social media replacing email marketing or vice versa. In fact, through social media companies can also build their email lists.

  7. It is quite difficult, in my opinion, to advertise your business. There are different ways to market a product or service, whether online or offline.

    It’s important to balance costings, balance efforts, and most importantly, balance time! Try not to waste time marketing the wrong way. Do your best to figure out your best marketing strategy, then utilize that strategy.

    Thanks for the post!

  8. The study is very illuminating to say the least. I did not know that print advertising is the worst of the lot. I also thought that email marketing wouldn’t be that effective still.

    I think any business can translate this study into a solid plan of action that could incorporate most of the presented marketing channels. This plan should focus on both newer and older channels as they can appeal to different people according to their age and location.

    Something many businesses do not think about a lot are trade shows which can potential turn a business around.

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