SEO for Florists

Why SEO for florists?

Simple answer: they need it!

Deeper answer: I love them – and they need it!

This blog is natural progression from our work at Strider SEO in supporting the floral industry. For nearly 6 years we have operated and during that time it has become by far the largest and most respected online community for the floral industry. After reviewing the ecommerce options available to florists we were not happy with the choices – so we created Florist 2.0.

Now that we have a large audience of florists who are becoming interested in learning about online marketing, we needed a central resource for SEO and web marketing information specifically related to the floral industry. After all, saying the same thing in forums over and over again isn’t an efficient use of time and energy 🙂

So here we are! I have a list of topics prepared that I want to cover, but suggestions are always welcome. Please post your requests in the comments and we’ll add your topics to our list.

Welcome to our new blog! I hope you like it and enjoy your time here.

Disclaimer: The images currently on display in the top-right are shamelessly selected from some of the best at For now, we can enjoy their beauty. Soon, I will think of some clever use for the space and replace them with a florist or design of the week, or some such thing.