Frozen Roses

Real florists have taken a verbal beating from paid radio personalities telling listeners that our flowers are inferior and urging shoppers to purchase the cheap blooms from companies like Last week we discussed how flowers from a box take the professional presentation and the romance out of receiving Valentine’s Day flowers, especially at the office. 

It’s not just florists that think the ‘fresh from the box’ experience is unromantic and disappointing and projects ‘when you care enough to spend the very least’.      

At that time, none of us could have anticipated the extreme cold across much of the US so it’s time to talk about the effect of sub-freezing temperatures on Valentine’s Day roses and compare what local florists do vs the boxes shipped by ProFlowersHallmark, FTD and 1-800-Flowers.

Professional Local Florists

  • Deliver flowers in water so the blooms don’t dehydrate.
  • Wrap and even double wrap your entire arrangement to protect it from being frozen. 
  • Protect your arrangements in their stores until just the moment they are placed into heated trucks for delivery.
  • Hand deliver your flowers to your office or home.
  • Never leave your roses or other flowers to freeze on the doorstep if no one’s there. 

Boxes shipped from ProFlowers, Hallmark, FTD and 1-800-Flowers ProFlowers Frozen Roses

  • May be shipped with little or no water to sustain the flowers
  • Pass from warehouses/distribution centers to trucks to FedEx or UPS planes to airport hangars to more trucks to another set of distribution centers and finally into unheated delivery vans.
  • Can and will be left at front doors, on doorsteps and porches if no one is home or the office is closed. It’s part of box shipper agreements negotiated with overnight delivery companies to cut corners and keep prices as cheap as possible.  

Watch this video of unboxing frozen roses that had been left on a porch for a couple hours in freezing temperatures. They’re not exactly fresh from the fields. And it’s not just ProFlowers roses getting frozen during delivery – WTAE Channel4 of Pittsburgh had similar damaged flower results with a box from Hallmark.

So to avoid getting frozen flowers and a chilly response from your Valentine, remember to order from a real Pro Florist, your local full-service flower shop, that won’t sacrifice quality, presentation power and service when delivering your love.

1 thought on “Frozen Roses”

  1. MORE about frozen flowers for your significant other!!
    Please as a consumer, you MUST pay attention to this:
    Guess where your favourite UPS, or Fedex guy/gal buys THEIR flowers from….it’s NOT ProFlowers, Hallmark, or FTD.Com/1800!!
    Want to know why???…they KNOW how many hundreds or thousands of boxes of Valentines that they’ve delivered on behalf of these online fake florists, and their rules are simple……
    “Get the box to it’s destination FAST, and if no one is at home….LEAVE IT THERE on the front porch”!!
    We hope you NOT silly enough to think that these drivers buy THEIR flowers from REAL FLORISTS for NO REASON??…it’s because they wouldn’t be caught dead delivering frozen/dead flowers to THEIR loved ones…under ANY circumstance!!
    Real Florists are THE ONLY true floral professionals in this wild & wacky industry, and it’s REAL FLORISTS that continue to bind the essence of our industry together, IN SPITE of fake, and phantom florists that claim to be local!!
    Simply put….REAL FLORISTS DELIVER REAL FLOWERS…not frozen compost!!

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