Katie Hendrick

Two tantrums

A Tale of Two Tantrums

About a week ago, the owner of a diner in Maine demonstrated some of the worst customer service conceivable. Perhaps you saw the story, which went viral on social media and many national newspapers, including The Washington Post. In summary: a family walks into a crowded diner on a Saturday morning. Their toddler daughter, stressed …

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How to Land Top Sales Talent in Your Shop

You may purchase top quality flowers and employ creative designers with prestigious accreditation, but if your sales staff lacks confidence, ambition or tact, your business will never meet its potential. Training, an invaluable exercise for every employee, improves these shortfalls — to a point. Some people simply aren’t cut out for certain roles, says Mitch …

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A Floral Memorial

This week, all eyes have been on Charleston, S.C., the latest site of senseless carnage. The murders of nine people at a bible study at Mother Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church has stirred up many emotions — sadness, fear, anger, disgust — not to mention a fierce debate about South Carolina’s legacy with slavery, secession and the …

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Mr. McCall Goes to Berlin

  Last week, Jacob McCall, AIFD, competed against 25 of the world’s top florists in Berlin for the Fleurop-Interflora World Cup, the industry’s preeminent design competition held every four to six years. (Consider it the floral Olympics.) Participation in World Cup is by invitation only and competitors must have already been successful in competitions or shows …

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The Protocol of Patriotism

With Flag Day (June 14) and the 4th of July coming up, perhaps you’ve considered displaying an American flag at your shop to show your love of country. Research suggests that, just as customers prefer buying locally-sourced or made products, they also like patronizing patriotic businesses. But be advised: there are very specific rules you must …

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