Some Small Business Tips To Plant, Nurture and Grow Your Floral Business Dream

In order to do business in today’s economy, special attention needs to be paid toward your leadership qualities.  By creating a place of business in which your employees can grow and thrive, you will be paving the way toward small business success.

So, what are some effective strategies you can take to lead your business and keep it afloat until the economic situation improves?

These are some important business tips to focus on:

  • Don’t Pretend To Be Something You Aren’t

Give your employees credit for having good intuition and remember, be yourself when you interact with others.  People instinctually know when someone is not being honest.

  • Pay Attention To Everything

Pay close attention to what is going on around you.  Many will tune out the more mundane day-to-day office chatter but this could lead to a wealth of information.  Spend less time talking and more time listening. Also listen to your customers because they will tell you exactly how you can improve.

  • Communication Is Key

Avoid a lack of communication which will make your employees feel isolated.  It is then that they will disconnect.  Keep the lines of communication open at all times. Communication will help avoid disappointment when expectations are not met.

  • Reduce Your Stress Levels

A stressed out CEO means stressed out employees.  That’s all that needs to be said about that.  Regular exercise, practicing Yoga, healthy eating, avoiding overindulgence and many other endeavors that relieve stress, are all gifts that you can give to your business.

  • Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement will help your employees feel valued and they will have a sense of being an integral part of your business.  This will result in a more dedicated, more involved and more productive staff.  Take the opportunity at review time to tell your people what they are doing right.

  • Develop a Pro-Customer Vision

Treating your customers with the same dignity and respect afforded to your employees will mean a loyal and happy brand champion.  By focusing on customer service and enabling your employees to provide that satisfaction, can be a notable (and memorable) buying experience. Take advantage of where so many others are dropping the ball and your customers will reward you for your efforts.

These are just a few tips that can help grow your florist business into the vision that you hold in your heart.  When thinking about increased visibility and how to bring your potential customers to your doorstep, consider the help of an expert in the field of internet exposure and SEO (first in the search means a visit to your website).  Please contact us so we can help you grow.

11 thoughts on “Some Small Business Tips To Plant, Nurture and Grow Your Floral Business Dream”

  1. I would agree that good, constant, fresh communication with your employees and customers is the most important, as it is vital in a crisis or a problem that may come up. Not everything goes smoothly but a good understanding can get you to a solution quickly.

  2. That’s true, “A stressed out CEO means stressed out employees”. You would not believe how much I could relate to this. I still work a full time job while building my business, but my boss can be such a pain when he wants things done right away because of a deadline. It can be crazy sometimes which is why I prefer my business instead lol.

  3. I think open communication and the ability to listen, both to customers and employees, are two very important aspects of having a healthy business. There’s so much you can pick up by just listening. You also need to show your employees that you’re there for them when they need and that they are part of the company.

    For search engine results, top 5 is very important, after that the click through rate goes more down, but still ‘okay’ on the rest of the first page results.

  4. Thanks for sharing this information , I was looking for such info since last one month…… Finally I get in your post… Keep on blogging with that kind of information !!!!!!

  5. Pay Attention To Everything! that means good or bad. We are most of the time tempted to consider just the bad situations that can happen, but good situations can also surprise us and put us in a bad position. For example, a few months ago, a friend of mine started a small business with beady cases for mobiles and glasses. From the very moment she opened the shop, it was a huge seller’s market, the demand was over her most positives estimations , so she was forced to use employers to help her manufacturing the bead strings. That decision came with a decreasing quality and step by step, she lost her business.

    It is so important to pay attention to quality, fashion, opportunities, to any little change in the market, to your employees, from general aspect till the smallest detail. It is hard, but useful.

  6. Yes. Communication should not be taken for granted. No matter how competent and high-caliber your people are, communication problems and issues can really take their toll on your business.

  7. Thank you for addressing this. I really think that face-to-face interactions with customers gives brick-and-mortar floral businesses a wonderful advantage to online-only establishments. This is where your customer service puts you head and shoulders above your competition. People would much rather deal with a knowledgeable and helpful florist (or assistant) than get stuck on the phone with a disgruntled call center worker.

  8. Yes. Pay attention to everything. Both the rise and fall in your business should be analyzed. Both of the will tell you something. Ignoring these trends and happenings is surely a fatal mistake.

  9. I totally agree that you must try your best to be a very aware and approachable CEO, as long as you have the right team on board. You will have to lead them with your positive attitude. Communication and understanding make everything so much smoother in a work environment or as well as other aspects of life that involve people.

  10. Treating customers well is a great tip. I think that all sellers may not be able to measure the amount of love and trust that customers can have for them.

    Treating these buyers in a way that hurts their feeling is clearly not advisable. I Suspect that a reason why some business owners treat their customers in a wrong way is that they do not see these customers as a valuable part of their business.

    However, even if the main product cost less than $20, the seller may not know for sure whether some of his/her customers could spend a lot more on his services on the long term.

  11. It’s pretty amazing that most of your tips can be applied to many other industries with a lot of success! Learning to communicate better and reducing stress are the 2 main ideas that I consider most important.

    If you can’t communicate your thoughts to your employees and potential clients how are you going to stay in business? If you can’t learn to delegate and reduce some of your stress while focusing on the important aspects of your business won’t you go bankrupt or mad or both?

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