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Use a Blog as Part of Your Online Marketing Arsenal

You may be wondering why so many small businesses are using blogs as a form of online marketing.  It may seem weird to dedicate so much time and effort to something that doesn’t directly bring you income.  The truth of the matter is, a blog can help direct customers to your business and create very tangible sources of income and savings.

Blogs legitimize your knowledge and allow potential customers to know more about you.  By educating your customers, they become more engaged and trusting of the information that you provide.  

While some customers prefer to buy local, others might be more inclined to purchase from you if they see a blog where you provided a funeral arrangement to a local family in need, for example.  A blog allows you the opportunity to brag about your business in an informative and newsy fashion.

Blogs are quoted by other websites.  Whether the directing traffic is local or not, this will increase in business for local customers and those out of town.  In addition, if you have an informative and educational blog, it may be followed by readers around the globe, who look to you for expert advice and guidance.  You become a well known expert in your field as readers share your blog with those around them.

Blogging is a low cost form of advertising and allows your business to have a presence on the web.  In addition, the more you learn about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to drive traffic to your blog, the more popular your blog (and business) will become. But, for a blog to be of any SEO benefit, it should be located on your main domain, not a separate domain or third party blogging site (ex: not, and not

Blogging is easy.  When you think about changing something on your website, depending on your set up, you might need to contact the website designer or webmaster to make the change, which takes time and effort.  Making quick updates to your offerings or changes to your blog is simple, easy, and brings immediate results.

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15 thoughts on “Use a Blog as Part of Your Online Marketing Arsenal”

  1. One of the most cliché mistakes on internet marketing for your business is thinking that you will sell your product to your readers, when it’s actually a pre-sale of your product.

  2. Blogging is a great and fun way to meet and connect with people online. And like you said, its a low cost form of advertising. I use my blog to share my experiences with other readers and write reviews on the products that I purchase. So I guess in a way I’m making a pre-sale by getting people interested into what I’m sharing.

    Thanks for sharing a great post!

    Melanie Legaspi

  3. Blogging is a good way to showcase your expertise. Provide useful information to people interested in topics related to your business and they’ll get more trust in your business and appreciate what you have to offer. Just don’t turn your blog into something that screams “Look how amazing we are and why you should buy right now” 🙂 That doesn’t impress people, on the contrary …

  4. Well, blog can expand the knowledge of the product so this will help, thanks for this info because I learned some and fix some mistakes in my knowledge.

  5. There are plenty of reasons for using a blog. Apart from the reasons that you have mentioned, some of them are:

    1) It helps with Search Engine Optimization. Search Engines like Google loves fresh content, and that’s exactly what a blog provides. As the number of blog posts increases, it shall also increase the size of the website, and that’s something that Google associates with authority.

    2) Blogs help with Social Media. It can help you interact with other bloggers, clear their queries, and many more.

    3) Blogs provide useful content for your readers, and it shall make sure that visitors to your website shall keep coming again.

  6. Blogs should be looked at as an investment. The returns will definitely not be immediate and direct. Soon, you will surely realize that the blog will have a significant contribution to the achievement of your goals. Just make sure you do blogging in the right way.

  7. This is absolutely essential, for sure. Listen to this blogger here. I still can’t believe there is a site specifically for florist SEO, but I don’t care, it has been a worthy read for me so far, in a few ways.

  8. I agree with you completely. Also, you must keep in mind that Google looks at your blog posts as fresh content. Their algorithms take that into consideration when calculating your SERP placement. An active site is seen as much more favorable than a static and stale site.

  9. A blog really gives businesses that personal touch. This article highlighted a couple of pointers that I hadn’t thought of, such as the newsy way of promoting your product. Good stuff!

  10. I think that blogging can be a way for businesses to go after more keywords for SEO. Moreover, a blog may help a business integrate social media in its marketing.

    In fact, each new blog post can target a keyword that the home page of the site is not targeting. As more and more pages find their way in Google, there may be more visitors sent to the site.

    Furthermore, these new posts can be used as updates on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

    A blog can really be something advantageous.

  11. Definitely see the potential of keeping your blog at your main domain. Rather than having a separate domain for your blog. It would just add more confusion to visitors, I think.

  12. The floral niche lends itself especially well to blogging. There are so many special occasions and major holidays that are the mainstay of the business — from Valentine’s Day to Easter to Mother’s Day and much more. All of these special days offer plenty of opportunities for blogging.

    People searching for flowers for special occasions often want to know more about the traditions as well as the trends. There are so many topics to explore and a blog is the perfect medium. Giving prospective customers something of value from the outset can only help in ultimately winning their business.

  13. You said blogging is easy but I think it’s only easy to create a blog but doing a good job with it requires skill, dedication, effort and time. And that is in no way easy. It may look easy but when you dig into it and see what it actually involved to make a blog successful it won’t look easy anymore.

    A blog that is associated to an already existing website will surely add a degree of connectivity to any business. You can interact with your potential customers with the help of comments and replies. You can build rapport and get to know your market better. So, yes starting a blog is a good idea but anyone who wants to do it should be aware of the workload involved.

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