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The Basics of Online Marketing Success

Take a step back from in-depth SEO, website referral metrics, and the sweet spot for your PPC campaign.  Or, for beginning businesses in the online world, start here.  For either case, it pays to approach the basics that lead to online marketing success.

According to Carolina Miranda, there are three important components that can lead to impressive success in online marketing:

  • Web Design: Your website should clearly define what your business does, forming the “hub” of activity.  Strong optimization practices and social media integration are important here.  The bottom line is that your web design informs and attracts customers to take action.
  • Content Marketing: Creating text, slides, podcasts, and video that is not only shareable, but actionable, can be a great help in getting individuals to connect with your business.  Content marketing can fill your blog, social media avenues, and go a long way to converting readers into customers.
  • Social Media: Miranda notes that while only 14 percent of consumers trust advertisements, 90 percent trust a testimonial from a peer.  This is a small look into the power of social media.  These networks allow you to connect followers to your website, aiding in traffic and generating interest.  Social word-of-mouth is very powerful.

How will your business carry out these three goals?  Or, for established online presences, how is your business doing on these fronts?  These areas represent a powerful measuring stick for online marketing success.

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16 thoughts on “The Basics of Online Marketing Success”

  1. I totally agree that one must have exposure and be totally in front of the prospective audience at all times. I love this article highlights how effective presentation can be. This is where social media sites are extremely effective, people love sharing information that is compelling and engaging.

  2. The third point about social media is really interesting. It could mean that what really matters on a sales copy is the type of testimonials found. If less than 20% of people trust the seller and 90 percent of them would trust a testimonial from a peer, a seller may be better of my portraying himself in a way that makes the potential buyers see him/her as a peer.

    1. Building rapport is very important in online transactions. If you lose or can’t win the trust of your customers, that would already be a closed deal.

  3. Website design is essential. There is no way you can do a plain and simple site. The website should have a more professional look to it, just like any of those big time company sites.

  4. All very good point, and ones which I will give some thought to. The point about social media is very interesting, I shall definitely invest some time to improving my social networking.

    1. Totally Liz. I believe that social media is great for further establishing a rapport. I try to use it in conjunction with blogging, as this article touches on.

  5. I totally agree with the part about your website clearly defining what your company is about without any complexity or confusion that can cause them to hit the Back button.

  6. I wanted to add, that you learn a bit more about how your prospects are receiving your marketing efforts, by actually running and testings consistent marketing campaigns on your blog or website.

  7. Content Marketing is a good point that this article speaks about. I actually practice a great deal of content marketing through images, audio and video marketing. It really doesn’t hurt to cover your marketing ground, because your client’s will be coming from different mediums. It helps to be ready!

  8. Yes. We need to make sure that our marketing strategies would fit our target audience. It’s right that our target audience may come from different socio-economic levels. If our marketing strategies don’t fit our target audience, it would be a waste of time, money and effort.

  9. The points that I shall stress is :

    1) Your website should look professional. There is no way that a customer shall be buying from a crappy website
    2) Social Media does give you a way to engage with your customers. Make sure that you use them.

    1. I’m embarrassed to admit that I’m guilty of “judging a book by its cover” and agree completely with your first point. I’m sorry, but if you’re going to be online, you really need to put your best foot forward. And there’s no way I’m handing my credit card info over to a site that doesn’t look secure.

  10. Good tips! 🙂 Just remember you should also get out there and get your name out to start building reputation. Post on forums, comment on blogs and discuss topics on social network pages related to your niche. You want people to start knowing who you are and you want them to like you so you need to contribute something when building your reputation.

  11. These are 3 very important tips, on how to become successful online. I think 1 more component that I would add, would be to build a list. When you have a list of people who you are connected with, you can share content and make money very easily. You can do this, by simply adding an opt in form on your blog.

    1. mkcookin, that’s very good point. Building a list is something we should never neglect. There is nothing that replaces this method for establishing trust with a readership and customer base.

      Plus, another the huge advantage is that it gives us an alternative to relying on Google and other search engine traffic and social media to get potential readers and buyers.

  12. “Social Media: Miranda notes that while only 14 percent of consumers trust advertisements, 90 percent trust a testimonial from a peer.” I knew that this percent was high but hearing it from an expert makes it even more credible! 90% means that you can make 9 out of 10 potential clients become your clients just by getting to someone they know on social media sites.

    So, if you connect with 100 people you could potentially make 90 sales. I know the numbers usually don’t add up like this but it could happen. It just goes to show us that every single person counts not only for them but also for the others they can influence into buying.

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