Seeing Double

I thought I was having a stroke … Looking through florist websites in Columbus, OH, I clicked on these two links consecutively: Confused me … customers must LOVE it!

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“Morning Breath”

Thanks to Rich from the Bloomery, a florist in Butler, PA, for submitting this photo of a pair of Poppies about to open. Rich says: I call this one “Morning Breath”.  It’s a pair of poppies shortly before they open. This is Rich Dudley from The Bloomery Florist Boutique in Butler, PA. I’m an avid

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To Flash or Not To Flash

Chances are, if you’ve been on the internet for more than a few days, you’ve come across sites that use Flash. Flash technology is used to deliver rich media and interactive experiences, and can be very visually compelling. Is understandable, then, that Flash is a very popular choice for florist websites. After all, if you’re

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Unique Content

From the negative to the positive – now that we’ve spent more than a week covering the problems caused by duplicate content, lets look at a few ways to create some unique content on your site. Write About You It’s your site – at some point, a visitor to the site is expecting to learn

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