Pay Per Click Tips

I haven’t started writing on Pay Per Click marketing, yet, for this blog. It’s a very effective tool, but one that florists fear because it’s the unknown, and it costs money 🙂 So, in lieu of my own writing on PPC, which will wait until we’ve covered more organic SEO content, here’s an article on …

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Duplicate Content

When pages appear to have the same content, search engines will filter out the majority of the duplicated pages. Unfortunately, common web design errors make pages appear much more similar than they really are.

Site Reviews

SEO reviews of florist sites are becoming very popular for the Strider Team. In this area of the blog we’ll review sites with the goal of helping them rank better and capture more sales.

SEO for Florists

Why SEO for florists? Simple answer: they need it! Deeper answer: I love them – and they need it! This blog is natural progression from our work at Strider SEO in supporting the floral industry. For nearly 6 years we have operated and during that time it has become by far the largest and …

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