Oscar K

Oscar is a content writer for the Strider Online Marketing team.

Responsive Web Design

4 Powerful Mobile Marketing Tips Florists Can Use Today

Like it or not, some of your website’s visitors come from people using mobile devices. Unfortunately, you’re probably losing them because your website isn’t optimized for their devices. Recent studies by the Harvard Business Review show that people spend between 12% and 49% of their time either doing some window shopping or actively seeking out products to buy.

Liking Facebook

Is Focusing on Facebook Organic Reach and Business Pages Worth it Anymore?

If you have been using Facebook Business Pages to connect with and inform your subscribers, prospects, clients or customers, you might want to take a look at your recent stats, specifically stats from the last 2 weeks.

Lots of people and businesses have seen their organic reach drop and their messages get across to less than 30% of their fans. If yours hasn’t been hit yet, you’re either very lucky or like George Takei, spared of their wrath for the time being. Turns out Facebook recently tweaked their algorithm to limit the amount of reach businesses and fanpage owners have to their audiences. That is, unless you’re willing to pay for it.

Marketing ROI

4 Killer PPC Marketing Tips for Better ROI

For many small business owners, conquering and mastering PPC is extremely difficult. Not just because of the stringent rules and requirements, but also because of the learning curve. Unfortunately, recent Google Adwords updates and Bing/Yahoo updates haven’t made it any easier. If anything, it does seem like PPC advertising is getting increasingly difficult. While it’s …

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Rising Above The Crowd

4 Unique Ways to Stand Head and Shoulders Above the Florist Crowd

What do Samsung, Apple and HTC have in common? What do Teleflora, FTD and BloomNet have in common? These companies are pack leaders and recognised authorities or top brands in their niches and industries. Why is that? What makes these companies tick? How are they able to consistently achieve great and enviable results? How can …

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Pay Per Click

PPC for Florists – Proven Methods and Techniques

Pay per click advertising is often hard to crack. Therefore, it’s not surprising to find small businesses failing in their attempts to make it work for them. In fact, it has often been suggested in some quarters that Google – the biggest player in PPC- is effectively against the small business, hence the sometimes astronomically high cost per click. Question is do you have to consistently focus on Google?