Productivity 101 – 4 Time Management Tricks for Running a Successful Business

The proper time management techniques can make a huge difference in the success of a small business. Knowing how to apply certain time saving tricks and tips can nip inefficiency in the bud and turn your schedule into something you can control rather than vice versa. Not only can such moves save you and your …

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Florist Directory Report 2010

Last year we published a report comparing the top Florist Directories with the top Internet Yellow Pages sites. I thought it would be fun to run the same report a year later and see how things have changed. The methodology remained the same, we just recalculated the scores based on today’s rankings.

Know The True Cost

It’s very easy to get confused when comparing the costs of different web site options for florists. It’s like shopping for groceries and trying to compare different brands of jam or yogurt who never seem to offer containers of exactly the same size. In this article I will try to paint a clearer picture of …

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Know The Players

You know you need a web site. A real web site. Not that monstrosity your gamer nephew built in FrontPage eight years ago before leaving for college and forgetting to update. You need a site that’s going to help you compete with your in-town competition and the out-of-town order gatherers who are looking to prey …

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So where you been?

It’s been a long time … far too long, in my opinion, since I’ve been able to post on the Florist SEO blog. You see, things have been a little crazy around Strider HQ of late. We’ve had a crush of florists registering for our Florist 2.0 ecommerce sites, and everyone wants to be live …

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