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Florist Warning: Check Your Yelp Listings

We are receiving multiple reports from florists regarding unauthorized manipulation of their Yelp listings by a an uncontracted third party. Update: Both Yelp and BloomNation have provided some clarification.

National Memorial Cemetery, Arizona

6th Annual Memorial Day Flowers A Big Success

For the sixth year the Memorial Day Flowers Foundation organized the handout and headstone placement of 140,000 roses and summer flowers at Arlington National Cemetery. Thanks to Mayesh, Kennicott Brothers, and other WEFSA wholesale florist members over 125 florists gave out roses at local cemeteries, parades, and from their shops.


How To: Leave A Wedding Show With 100+ Consultations Booked

…And what your opening line should be Christmas lights are out and so are the carolers. To the florist who works in weddings, these signs mean something very significant: booking season has arrived. At Twisted Willow Design, we book approximately 70% of our weddings from December to early February. How do these prospects come about? …

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What is your story?

How Storytelling Can Build a Real Connection with your Audience

When people think of marketing, they think of sleazy salesman equipped with lies and snake oil. They think of the unfavorable times that their wallets were gutted by unfulfilled promises. They think of dishonest corporate culture that is filled to the brim cold, often robotic, ideas and slogans. People do not think fondly of marketing.


Geo-Targeting To Neighborhoods: A Great Way To Win Customers

A lot has been said about Local SEO recently, especially in the form of targeting your keywords to customers searching for florists in local neighborhoods. To make the most of geo-targeting, you need to find that healthy balance between precision and making sure that visitors searching for you aren’t too limited.

Twerking Dog

Your Website Shouldn’t Twerk

Twerk: A provocative dance styling typified by moving one’s behind up and down rapidly; unfortunately popularized by Miley Cyrus; often promises a lot more than what is delivered. Hint: Your website shouldn’t do this!

Funny GIFs Attract Eyeballs

Newsletter: Is Your Price Right?

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