Choosing not to listen

Google Speaks – But Are Florists Listening?

Last week Google’s Webmaster Central blog, which exists as an information channel for website owners, published a post entitled Affiliate programs and added value. Whenever Google posts some information (usually a nicely-couched edict) about web quality, search optimization, or their beloved “guidelines” it’s natural for many in the SEO community to react with skepticism. However, …

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Are These 3 On-Page SEO Mistakes Keeping Your Site from Ranking?

You’ve heard all about SEO and know it has something to do with optimizing your site to get it ranking in the SERPs—or search engine results pages. So, you’ve taken everyone’s advice, and optimized your site as well as you could. But for some reason your site isn’t ranking. And you have no idea why. It’s understandable. …

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Blog Attracts Customers

Don’t be Left Behind: Why Your E-commerce Site Needs an “Authority Blog”

Funny thing: For all of the online proclamations of “Content is King,” you would think that most business owners with enough savvy to have a website would have caught on by now. But that’s sadly not the case. Many businesses still don’t have a blog, and if they do, it’s usually a non-updated, abandoned piece of web space that’s drier than the Sahara. And even if the blog is updated on a regular basis, the posts are usually fluffed-up, canned articles that accomplish close to nothing. The average small business blog suffers from more neglect than an abandoned, haunted house.